ART Grand Prix driver Frederik Vesti takes us on a trip around Filskov in Denmark, where he grew up. We look at the places to visit, the sites to see, and of course, the motor racing scene.


I was born in Vejle, Denmark, and I grew up in a smaller town in the countryside called Filskov, which is around 30 minutes away from Vejle. I lived with my mum, my dad and my brothers.

“My dad also lived in the same house when he was a kid and he brought it from my grandad. We had my dad's car dealership and workshop there and I spent every day doing something with engines, even if it was just cutting the grass. I also had a motocross bike that I would drive.

“Filskov is where I grew up and where I consider to be my hometown, but I now have an apartment in Vejle. Filskov is very small, pretty much just one long road with fields on either side and maybe 25 hours.”

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“There is one restaurant, but it is the best restaurant within a 30-minute radius. It’s an old restaurant and hotel for people who are travelling on the road.

“There isn’t much to do in the town, so it is more for anyone who is driving past and needs to stop in. It gets used a lot because Legoland is only around 10 minutes away in a city called Billund.”


“I would definitely suggest that people visit Legoland. It is the best experience for families, it is so impressive. Lego is in my heart. To have Legoland on 10 minutes away when you are growing up is really cool.

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“As a child, I must have gotten my Legoland drivers’ licence around 10 times! I have tried to go back and get it again now that I am older… But apparently, I am too old now, which is quite annoying!

“Alternatively, there is also a holiday centre called Lalandia, which is quite relaxed and has some restaurants in and a theme park. There is also a river where you can take a small boat on, which is really nice.”


“The nearest go-karting track is around 15 minutes away in Grindsted, which is really lucky. It is actually one of the Danish Championship tracks. When I was younger, I spent every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday there. I know the track better than my own pocket.”