Olli Caldwell joins us for an in-depth look at his race weekend essentials. From iPads and AirPods to helmets and hats and much more, we find out what he can’t travel without.

The PREMA racer talks through a selection of items which are focused on maximising his race weekend, as well as actually getting into the paddock…


“I will start with my paddock pass, which is probably the single-most important item here. Without this, I wouldn’t be able to get into the paddock and none of the other items here would be of any use! The pass proves that I’ve had my PCR test and allows me to do what I came here to do: drive.”


“Next up is the leaf blower. I use this on the grid before sessions and during Qualifying runs to cool down. It’s really important on hot weekends because it gets so warm inside of the car when I’m in all of my overalls and gear.

“When you’re driving the heat isn’t very noticeable, but when you stop, or if you’re under a safety car, you can really notice it. This machine allows me to have a bit of cool breeze.”

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“I use these before getting in the car for a bit of a boost and to get me in the zone. They also come in handy for all of the travelling that we do. They're noise cancelling, so I don't hear all of the noisy cars. Before sessions I listen to lots of upbeat stuff, but I like a bit of everything. They’re custom Bose headphones and they match my helmet.”


“I use these when its wet and I don’t actually drive in them. They slip over my race boots and I wear them from the truck to the car so that I don’t get into the car with wet shoes.

“Getting into the car with wet shoes would risk slipping on the peddle so these just help to prevent that."

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“The smallest item I bring is my aura ring. The ring has sensors built into it and it connects to an app on my phone. The ring tracks my sleep, my heart-rate and any training that I have done during the day.

“My personal trainer has a copy of all of the info so that he can see how I’ve slept, how I’ve trained and what condition I am in. He can then use all of this information to help me improve.”