Olli Caldwell will link up with FIA Formula 3 team Trident for 2020, on the back of a successful season with PREMA in the Formula Regional European Championship, where he sealed fifth place. But, exactly who is the Briton? We spoke to the man himself to get an insight on the rookie driver and what you can expect from him during the season.

Name: Olli Caldwell Date of birth: 11/07/2002

Racing style

“I would describe it as calm and calculated. I don’t see myself making many mistakes during a race and I am not the type of person to destroy the tyres. I am very smooth and calm, and I think about all of the moves I make.

“I always question whether it would be better to make the move here or wait one corner and go on the turn or the straight. I definitely think quite a lot during a race to work out what would be best for me.”

First racing memory

“That would be when I was eight. I went to a local indoor karting track, which was near my house at the time and just competed in a little race, which happened to be going on at the same time. That is really special to me because effectively, that is what started my racing career.

“After that I done more and more indoor racing and then started going outdoor racing and that is basically the start of my career. That was a really special event looking back to it, because if I hadn’t done that, then I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Racing hero

“That would be Lewis Hamilton. Obviously, he is British, as am I. He is a really big inspiration of mine because he has a really strong work ethic and that shows because he is, for me, the best driver in the world at the moment. He is definitely a big hero of mine.”

Favourite track on the F3 calendar

“Monza, the temple of speed. I have always enjoyed racing at this track. It has some great overtaking places, which are obviously made by the big straight. It is high speed, high adrenaline and that is what racing is all about, especially as a driver.

“It is awesome to be able to drive around it in a car with high downforce, through all of these fast, but tight corners. That is an amazing track and I cannot wait to go there this year.”

Biggest racing achievement

“That would be my triple win at Vallelunga in Italian Formula 4 in 2018. That was a big achievement for me because winning all three races in one weekend was difficult. Being able to say that I have won all three races in a single weekend is a really big achievement I think.”