Thoughts from Pourchaire, Sargeant and Beckmann

FIA Formula 3: Théo Pourchaire, FIA F3 race winner. How does that sound?

Théo Pourchaire: It’s amazing! I’m super happy! It’s only my second race weekend in Formula 3, so it’s amazing. I would like to thank ART Grand Prix for a wonderful car. I am so happy!

FIA Formula 3: It was quite an intense race. How was it from the car?

Théo: Yeah I did a really good start. I was leading for 3 laps but then with the DRS it was a bit difficult to keep the first place. I was third all the race and then Lawson and Hughes came together and I was able to get back into the lead. It was amazing!

FIA Formula 3: What was going through your mind, following the Safety Car in the final laps?

Théo: I was super excited, but I was also a little bit scared because I wanted to cross the finish line and to win, to scream in the radio with the team (laughs)! I will keep on working hard for more victories.

FIA Formula 3: You’re only 16 years old. You are one of the youngest on the grid. We’re headed for Budapest. What can we expect from you?

Théo: For sure it will be a bit difficult for me, but it’s good at the same time. The fact that we are doing three race weekends in a row, I can learn quicker. I showed this weekend, after I qualified P5, that I was improving. It was better than P20 last weekend. In Hungary, I will discover the track, but I am confident that I can capitalise on what I have learnt at the Red Bull Ring.

FIA Formula 3: Logan Sargeant, P2 today. It was a bit lucky in the end, but you looked really feisty on the track. How was it from the car?

Logan Sargeant: First of all, I want to thank PREMA for working super hard all weekend. We’ve had a bunch of problems, but luckily today everything was working properly. The car felt extremely good out-there. Honestly, I have no complaints about the balance. They did an amazing job with that. I knew I had to stay sort of safe and take what I could get. That’s P2 in the end.

FIA Formula 3: Obviously, PREMA are still one of the strongest packages on the grid, so you were hoping for more this weekend. We’re going to Budapest next week. What’s the plan?

Logan: As you said, it was a weekend of what could have been. I am a bit disappointed. It is what it is though and I am a big fan of Budapest. I know I have the car underneath me so I am going there extremely confident. I believe we can achieve great things!

FIA Formula 3: P3 in today’s Race at the Red Bull Ring. How was it from the car?

David Beckmann: Yeah I had a decent start. I stayed P8 and then I managed to move up to 7th. The car was extremely good at the beginning so it made it possible to up to P5. I stayed there for a long time and I started to feel more and more understeer especially when I hit the dirty air from the car in front of me when I closed in. It was really hard to follow and keep up the speed. But then the Safety Car came in and that helped actually quite a lot because I managed to get the front tyres good again so I pushed again. I was really close to Logan (Sargeant) but then the next Safety Car came in and we finished the race like that. But I think overall it was a really good race. It was lucky that the two cars in front went out and I could take P3. I’m really happy. The car developed really good. Trident did a good job and we need to keep it up for the next rounds.

FIA Formula 3: That was an overall a really strong weekend for you and your team. Next up is Budapest. What can we expect from you there?

David: Budapest is also a really good track for me. Last year we were a bit unfortunate as we had problems hitting up the tyres in qualifying. But I’ve not had this problem here with Trident last weekend so I think next weekend in Budapest we will warm up the tyres better. I think if we manage this, then we have a really good race pace. As you know qualifying is everything in Budapest so you have to at least get into the top 5 and then you can get go for a podium if you get a good start. I think that’s definitely possible if we keep on working like that and get prepared properly like we have for the Red Bull Ring. If we have a good chance to score good points in Hungary.