Experienced paid off for Jack Doohan, as the Australian finished fastest overall in the final 2020 FIA Formula 3 post-season test at Jerez. The Trident racer set the best time during a qualifying simulation in the morning session, lapping at 1:29.041, just 0.0019s faster than his teammate, Clement Novalak.

Jenzer Motorsport’s Calan Williams completed the top three, but was nearly three tenths off the rapid Trident pairing. 15-year-old Jak Crawford finished as the highest rookie driver of the post-season test, posting the fourth fastest time.


The temperature was once again mild as the cars hit the track in Jerez for the final day of post-season testing this year. Dennis Hauger led the field out of the traps and set the early standard at 1:30.043, during a flurry of early fast laps.

Shortly after, a fresh set of tyres were chucked on and Enzo Fittipaldi replaced the PREMA driver at the top of the timesheets, punching in the fastest time of testing at Jerez so far, lapping at 1:29.675.

There were a couple of stoppages around the hour mark as Alessandro Famularo came to a halt at the chicane, before Ollie Caldwell skidded off track at Turn 9.

Doohan skipped to the top of the standings when action resumed. The Australian was creeping towards the 1m 29s barrier, beating out Hauger and Caio Collet with a time of 1:29.041.

15-year-old Crawford finished as the fastest rookie driver across the two days
15-year-old Crawford finished as the fastest rookie driver across the two days

Turn 9 was proving tricky to master, as Francesco Pizzi went crunching through the gravel at the same place as Caldwell, bringing out a brief red flag.

Jonathon Hoggard swerved off track and onto the gravel at Turn 5 in the final stages, bringing out another red flag, which ended the session five minutes early. This meant that Doohan finished the session in first place, beating out his teammate Clement Novalak by less than two hundredths of a second.

They may not have been able to touch the Trident duo for pace, but Calan Williams, Crawford, David Beckmann and Hauger were all able to get the better of Collet, who dropped down the order to seventh. Hoggard finished eighth with Campos, as Arthur Leclerc and Fittipaldi completed the top ten.


The cars headed back out onto the track for the final time after lunch and were prioritising race runs as they looked to gather some final data. Igor Fraga found time for a fast lap early on, touring at 1:30.091, ahead of Calan Williams and David Beckmann.

There was a brief red flag as Arthur Leclerc stopped off track at Turn 8, but action soon resumed with Fraga still on top, the Brazilian completing more than 50 laps in the afternoon alone.

Fraga topped an afternoon session focused on long-runs
Fraga topped an afternoon session focused on long-runs

Little else would change in the final 90 minutes, as Fraga held on to first place ahead of Williams and Collet. Hauger took fourth, ahead of Hoggard, Leclerc and Cameron Das. Frederik Vesti, Beckmann and Bent Viscaal completed the top ten.

The tests in Jerez conclude the F3 Championship for 2020. Keep an eye on our official website and social media channels for information on the calendar for 2021.


1Jack DoohanTrident1:29.04142
2Clément NovalakTrident1:29.06045
3Calan WilliamsJenzer Motorsport1:29.32841
4Jak CrawfordHitech Grand Prix1:29.33643
5David BeckmannCharouz Racing System1:29.35027
6Dennis HaugerPREMA Racing1:29.36129
7Caio ColletART Grand Prix1:29.46150
8Johnathan HoggardCampos Racing1:29.51435
9Arthur LeclercPREMA Racing1:29.51629
10Enzo FittipaldiHWA RACELAB1:29.55835
11Igor FragaHitech Grand Prix1:29.62247
12Pierre-Louis ChovetHWA RACELAB1:29.62833
13David SchumacherTrident1:29.67432
14Frederik VestiART Grand Prix1:29.69849
15Olli CaldwellART Grand Prix1:29.70544
16Matteo NanniniHitech Grand Prix1:29.71833
17David VidalesCampos Racing1:29.72834
18Bent ViscaalMP Motorsport1:29.83340
19Cameron DasCarlin Buzz Racing1:29.91739
20Jonny EdgarMP Motorsport1:30.09938
21Oliver RasmussenPREMA Racing1:30.13526
22Reshad de GerusCharouz Racing System1:30.28539
23Nazim AzmanCarlin Buzz Racing1:30.31048
24Ido CohenCarlin Buzz Racing1:30.41047
25Sophia FlörschHWA RACELAB1:30.59043
26Francesco PizziMP Motorsport1:30.63435
27Rafael VillagomezJenzer Motorsport1:30.74428
28Konsta LappalainenCharouz Racing System1:30.92447
29Filip UgranJenzer Motorsport1:30.96034
30Alessandro FamularoCampos Racing1:31.08235


1Igor FragaHitech Grand Prix1:30.09155
2Calan WilliamsJenzer Motorsport1:30.23836
3Caio ColletART Grand Prix1:30.25943
4Dennis HaugerPREMA Racing1:30.33435
5Johnathan HoggardCampos Racing1:30.54333
6Arthur LeclercPREMA Racing1:30.56431
7Cameron DasCarlin Buzz Racing1:30.57033
8Frederik VestiART Grand Prix1:30.62041
9David BeckmannCharouz Racing System1:30.67034
10Bent ViscaalMP Motorsport1:30.76832
11Oliver RasmussenPREMA Racing1:30.77235
12Matteo NanniniHitech Grand Prix1:30.83259
13Olli CaldwellART Grand Prix1:30.94442
14Sophia FlörschHWA RACELAB1:31.08846
15David VidalesCampos Racing1:31.14253
16Enzo FittipaldiHWA RACELAB1:31.15355
17Filip UgranJenzer Motorsport1:31.50341
18Ido CohenCarlin Buzz Racing1:31.70033
19Pierre-Louis ChovetHWA RACELAB1:31.72155
20Nazim AzmanCarlin Buzz Racing1:31.79334
21Alessandro FamularoCampos Racing1:31.82829
22Rafael VillagomezJenzer Motorsport1:31.85837
23Konsta LappalainenCharouz Racing System1:31.92956
24Francesco PizziMP Motorsport1:32.02140
25Jack DoohanTrident1:32.29450
26Jak CrawfordHitech Grand Prix1:32.42654
27Clément NovalakTrident1:32.46856
28David SchumacherTrident1:32.71543
29Reshad de GerusCharouz Racing System1:32.95448
30Jonny EdgarMP Motorsport1:32.97648