Theo Pourchaire joins us for an in-depth look at his race weekend essentials. From iPads and AirPods to helmets and hats and much more, we find out what he can’t travel without.

The vice-champion talks about his warm-up routine, his increasing social media presence and the importance of music during a race weekend.


“Very important for me. I drink a lot during Free Practice, Qualifying and races and my physio is always bringing the bottle with him to the pitlane and to the grid. It is super important to keep drinking water, to stay hydrated - especially when we are at races where it is hot.”


“I put this on my head and then I can box with the ball. This is part of every warmup I do. It gets me moving, helps my reflexes and warms up my shoulders. It is really good for cardio as well. I am using this before every single session. Technically, it could hit me in the face, so you have to concentrate!”


“My phone is also super important as I am using it a lot for my social media during the weekend.

I receive a lot of messages on Twitter and social media on the weekend and I like to see what people are saying and I like being able to reply to fans. My sister helps me, but it is mainly me running my social media.

“My physio is also using my phone in the pitlane to show me live timing during sessions. I watch session replays on F1TV on my phone as well.”


“Listening to music before sessions is important for me. I also like to watch the sessions back, and the F1 sessions, using my headphones. They are useful for travelling too. I listen to all types of music. American music and American Rap, French music, I like a broad range of stuff and it helps me to concentrate before a race.”