Despite missing the post-season tests last year, Carlin Buzz Racing’s newest recruit Kaylen Frederick feels he’s been able to get up to speed in plenty of time thanks to his long-term partnership with the British team.

The American racer will be entering his third season with Carlin on the back of winning the British F3 title last year, and he explained that their experience has been invaluable in the build-up to his FIA F3 debut.

“The team have got a lot of experienced engineers and mechanics and they are always working to help you to improve,” said Frederick. “I have got some great teammates as well and everyone has worked hard to help me.

"I have already had two great years with the team in British F3, so I have a soft spot for them in my heart. Even though you aren’t racing on the same weekends as the F3 and F2 guys, you always see them in and around the factory, so that means you already have a working relationship with them, which makes the step-up smoother.”

Frederick won nine times on his way to the British F3 title with Carlin
Frederick won nine times on his way to the British F3 title with Carlin

Despite stepping up as champion – with nine wins and 12 podiums - the jump from British F3 to FIA F3 will be a steep one for Frederick. But the 18-year-old has high expectations of himself and says that while he won’t be getting carried away, he also won’t be setting the bar too low.

“It will be a big change from what I am used to,” Frederick continued. “Expectation wise, it is quite hard to set a bar for where we should be because there are so many different factors to consider. Because of that, it is really hard to place myself and say where I should be right now, so I think I will have to wait and see what happens this weekend and after that we will have a better idea.

“Obviously, I want to be towards the front and that is always going to be the aim. This weekend will be a big learning weekend, but there is no reason why we can't set the bar high. Based on the previous tests, I would love to be in the top 10 for each race, but right now, I don’t really know where everyone is.”