Clément Novalak put Trident at the top of the timesheet for the second day in a row at Jerez, finishing as the fastest man overall in the final test before the end of the season.

Beating out ART Grand Prix’s Frederik Vesti and Charouz Racing System’s Enzo Fittipaldi, Novalak broke the Formula 3 track record in Jerez, setting 1:28.677.


The sun was shining on the final morning of pre-season testing, providing ideal conditions for a Qualifying simulation around the Circuito de Jerez. Carrying over their form from Day 1, Trident took their now customary place at the top of the order, with Novalak leading teammate Jack Doohan.

Lapping at 1:28.677, Novalak was the first driver to post a sub-1m 29s time in Jerez, breaking the previous F3 track record of 1:29.041, which had been set in cooler conditions by Doohan at the post-season test in October last year.

Novalak retained his place at the top of the order, but Doohan began to drop down, falling to fourth by the end of the morning. Vesti was the first to overtake him, with the Mercedes prodigy breaking the 1m 28s barrier as well, running 0.258s off Novalak.

Also splitting the Trident duo was Fittipaldi, whose tour of 1:29.060 proved enough for P3. MP Motorsport and Alpine Academy duo Victor Martins and Caio Collet took fifth and sixth ahead of Hitech Grand Prix’s Red Bull junior Jak Crawford.

ART duo Alex Smolyar and Juan Manuel Correa took eight and ninth, while Carlin Buzz racer Jonny Edgar completed the top 10.

Iwasa topped the afternoon session with a time of 129.884
Iwasa topped the afternoon session with a time of 1:29.884


The majority of the field were focused on race runs and data gathering as they headed out for the final afternoon of testing before the end of the season. Hitech’s Ayumu Iwasa leapt to the top of the leaderboard within the opening half an hour.

Setting 1:29.884 in the opening stages, the Hitech racer remained on top for the duration and was the only driver to break the 1m 30s barrier in the afternoon.

Clambering into second and third was PREMA duo Dennis Hauger and Olli Caldwell, who were 0.179s and 0.335s off the leading pace.

Iwasa’s Hitech teammates Crawford and Stanek completed the top five ahead of Edgar and Calan Williams.

Lorenzo Colombo made the top 10 for the first time in Jerez, beating out the quickest man from Day 1, Doohan. The final PREMA of Arthur Leclerc completed the top 10, ahead of Pierre-Louis Chovet, who ran an impressive 56 laps in the final stint.

The field will now depart Spain with just over a month to work on the cars before the second round of the season at Le Castellet, on June 25-27.


1Clément NovalakTrident1:28.67729
2Frederik VestiART Grand Prix1:28.93535
3Enzo FittipaldiCharouz Racing System1:29.06025
4Jack DoohanTrident1:29.06135
5Victor MartinsMP Motorsport1:29.14444
6Caio ColletMP Motorsport1:29.19346
7Jak CrawfordHitech Grand Prix1:29.19639
8Alexander SmolyarART Grand Prix1:29.20730
9Juan Manuel CorreaART Grand Prix1:29.21529
10Jonny EdgarCarlin Buzz Racing1:29.21935
11Ayumu IwasaHitech Grand Prix1:29.22335
12David SchumacherTrident1:29.25828
13Matteo NanniniHWA RACELAB1:29.33343
14Roman StanekHitech Grand Prix1:29.33938
15Calan WilliamsJenzer Motorsport1:29.39217
16Lorenzo ColomboCampos Racing1:29.54235
17Kaylen FrederickCarlin Buzz Racing1:29.58636
18Pierre Louis ChovetJenzer Motorsport1:29.61925
19Oliver RasmussenHWA RACELAB1:29.65843
20Rafael VillagomezHWA RACELAB1:29.66242
21Ido ChoenCharouz Racing System1:29.69733
22Amaury CordeelCampos Racing1:29.74332
23Reshad de GerusCharouz Racing System1:29.95923
24Dennis HaugerPREMA Racing1:30.22631
25Olli CaldwellPREMA Racing1:30.27331
26Filip UgranJenzer Motorsport1:30.40431
27Arthur LeclercPREMA Racing1:30.59431
28Tijmen Van der HelmMP Motorsport1:30.62946
29László TóthCampos Racing1:31.14415


Ayumu IwasaHitech Grand Prix1:29.88435
Dennis HaugerPREMA Racing1:30.06339
Olli CaldwellPREMA Racing1:30.21836
Jak CrawfordHitech Grand Prix1:30.26538
Roman StanekHitech Grand Prix1:30.52029
Jonny EdgarCarlin Buzz Racing1:30.63232
Calan WilliamsJenzer Motorsport1:30.72422
Lorenzo ColomboCampos Racing1:30.92035
Jack DoohanTrident1:30.94733
Arthur LeclercPREMA Racing1:30.97438
Pierre Louis ChovetJenzer Motorsport1:31.22056
Amaury CordeelCampos Racing1:31.28034
Oliver RasmussenHWA RACELAB1:31.32537
Matteo NanniniHWA RACELAB1:31.39137
Ido CohenCarlin Buzz Racing1:31.43834
Rafael VillagomezHWA RACELAB1:31.66336
Kaylen FrederickCarlin Buzz Racing1:31.73633
Filip UgranJenzer Motorsport1:31.82253
László TóthCampos Racing1:31.97823
Clément NovalakTrident1:32.54551
Frederik VestiART Grand Prix1:32.62549
Alexander SmolyarART Grand Prix1:32.67447
David SchumacherTrident1:32.75925
Enzo FittipaldiCharouz Racing System1:32.86850
Caio ColletMP Motorsport1:32.96551
Juan Manuel CorreaART Grand Prix1:33.00248
Victor MartinsMP Motorsport1:33.05548
Reshad de GerusCharouz Racing System1:33.30847
Tijmen Van der HelmMP Motorsport1:33.46247