Finishing fifth overall in the pre-season test at Spielberg, Calan Williams says he’s entering the new season with heaps of confidence, but the Jenzer Motorsport driver insists that he won’t be allowing his newfound belief to turn into any form of “arrogance”.

Sticking with the Swiss team for his second season in the third tier, the 20-year-old feels that the continuity of their partnership will aid him as he attempts to fight at the front on a consistent basis.

“I have still been putting in loads of work during the off-season,” said Williams. “I can feel a lot of improvements there and can see a lot of improvements, which I am really, really happy with. I have a huge amount of confidence coming off the tests, I was really, really happy with how they went, but that cannot turn to arrogance.

“Sticking with the same team is really good. You know all of the people and you have formed those relationships with everyone. You already know that you all work together really well.

“We are heading into the season knowing how each other communicates and that can only improve. As much as anything, it avoids any confusion.”

Williams finished fifth overall in the pre-season test at Spielberg
Williams finished fifth overall in the pre-season test at Spielberg

Stepping up from Euroformula Open, Williams failed to score any points in F3 in 2020, but the experienced gained, on top of positive pre and post-season tests, has the Australian looking towards the front.

As well as being mentally stronger, Williams also feels in a better place physically.

“I think that the experience of a season in F3 has helped me to improve in a lot of ways,” continued Williams. “I have stepped up my fitness a lot in the last few months as well because that will be absolutely key this year with the new format, with three races a weekend, and two in one day.

“There will be twice the physical exercise in one day and that means that fitness has to be a priority. I am really, really looking forward to this season and what comes with it. I am definitely raring to get going.”