Starting from pole for the first time in his Formula 3 career on Race 1’s reverse grid, Calan Williams said that there will be nothing going through his head when he lines up on the front row tomorrow, with the Jenzer Motorsport driver lauding the importance of his recent “self-analysis.”

Since failing to score points in the opening round of the season, Williams has had more than a month to reflect on his performances and believes he has taken significant steps forward mentally.

The Australian has been working with an Italian based company called Formula Medicine, who specialises in ‘medical assistance, athletic and mental preparation.’

Asked how he will be preparing to start from pole, Williams said: “Lots of sleep and not letting myself think too much. That is a problem that I have, and it is a problem that I am working on. It has been improving heaps: an incredible amount in the weeks since Barcelona.

“My work with Formula Medicine has been mostly self-analysis and working on myself. I think I have taken steps forward from Barcelona. I have learned a lot about myself and that is the biggest thing.

Williams will start from reverse grid pole in Race 1
Williams will start from reverse grid pole in Race 1

“My preparation tonight will not be much at all. I need to switch off, come back tomorrow and then be able to switch on again.”

Williams said it isn’t just himself who has taken steps forward since Barcelona, praising the work of his Jenzer Motorsport team as they bid to score their first points together.

Even though he wasn’t completely satisfied with 12th in today’s qualifying, Williams believes it gives himself and the team a great chance of scoring points, especially from the front row in Race 1. But the Australian insists he won’t be overthinking it.

“Not much (will be going through my head). If there are things going through my head at the start that’s not a good thing,” said Williams. “You have to drive off instinct and do what you can. At the end of the day, if you race well, hit your markers, and drive consistently and smoothly, then you have nothing to worry about.

Williams has been working on self-analysis with a company called Formula Medicine
Williams has been working on 'self-analysis' with a company called Formula Medicine

“It could have definitely been better, but it was a big step forward from Barcelona. We have been working on a lot of things and are still not 100%, but it is definitely a big step forward and a sign of great things to come in future rounds.

“It works out really well with the reverse grid system too. It sets us up well for Race 1, when we’ll start from P1, and then for Race 2 as well, and it also gives us a fighting chance for points in Race 3.”