Where would the race be held?

The race would be held in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s my home city and really beautiful.

I think a lot of people would turn up. It’s a really big place and I think everybody in the city would watch. St. Petersburg is also really good for travelling, because it is really close to the Finnish border.

There are a lot of famous museums and there are a lot of cultural places. It is a very historical city. It is not like New York City, or new and innovational. It is more historical than that and when you drive around the city, it would look really cool.

Street or track race?

I would have a street track, like Monaco. It is so beautiful. The roads would have some tunnels, because St. Petersburg is basically on the water. I think that it would look really nice.

Day or night race?

I would have the race at 10pm in the evening, when the sunset is just beautiful. The sun basically doesn’t go down ever, it stays for 24 hours up there. The view is just phenomenal. It would take place in June/July time - it is called white nights in Russia.

Wet or dry race?

It would be dry at that time of year.

What celebrity would attend the race?

Will Smith. I have never met him, but I would like to speak with him and it would be cool to meet him. He has been a few times, and he's been to Russia before, so it is not a problem for him to come again laughs.