Jenzer Motorsport’s Nikita Bedrin had a positive test around Imola, topping both sessions on the opening day of mid-season testing.

The rookie took some time to detail those who have helped him along the way in his career so far to make it to FIA F3. From a memorable albeit slightly scary introduction to motorsport, to learning from a karting champion, here are the influences on Bedrin that stand out the most.


“I have to say firstly, my dad, because he got me into the sport. It was completely by accident because he wasn’t supposed to buy me a kart, because I was only a little bit into cars, but, I went go-karting with him after he said he’d take me one time and that’s how it all started. I have to give credit to him because without him, I’d never have started probably.

“It was his idea to go out and do it. The first time I did it, I didn’t actually like it. I went to a kart place that two seats, so I was sitting with him, but I was really small, and I was scared and I couldn’t hold on. I was crying the first time I was driving with him. But then, I don’t know why but I still wanted to try it but do it by myself. That was when I started to like it.

“I think being in control was the main difference. At first, for sure, I was going quicker with him, and it was my first time by myself. He was going full speed, I was falling out of the kart and so scared. But as soon as I got the confidence and the feeling for it, that made me like it.”

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“The second person is probably Felice Tiene, my coach from karting. He gave me so many tips and so many lessons. Also, gave me a driving personality, which made me a much better driver and helped me get where I am.

“As soon as I started racing in Italy in mini kart when I was 10, from halfway through that first season, he started helping me. It gave me a lot because I was young and didn’t have much experience. But he helped me a lot and he’s still supporting me a lot. He comes to most of my races, and he was a very good driver himself, twice a world champion in karting but didn’t have the budget. He helped me a lot.

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“He didn’t make me change my driving style, he just helped me be harder on other drives and aggressive, as it should be. I was struggling when I was younger but now I always have that mentality, which helps me a lot when I’m racing.”


“The third person I would say is my manager, Petr Aleshin. He’s managing me and doing a lot of stuff that helps me a lot. I’m here in FIA F3 now and I’m really happy with that. He still helps me a lot nowadays as well.”

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