Jenzer Motorsport's William Alatalo has his race weekend essentials with him at every round no matter what.

Here is what the Finn brings to each race of the Formula 3 season, from snacks to some pretty essential top tips.


"I normally have a few of them at least, I eat two everyday. Food is the most important part for the driver, I bring bananas every time.

"Diet and sleep are part of every driver’s training. I take it really seriously and take everything out of it. I eat quite precisely, especially when I’m at home. When I'm travelling it’s a bit harder, I think that’s the same problem for every driver. When I’m in Finland, I follow a basic diet and go with that every day.

"I train a lot so I have to eat a lot and eat carefully because the weight can’t be too much. I have to keep it down."

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"Ultimate Speed Secrets - it’s a really great book written by Ross Bentley. It’s everything about being a racing driver and being better on and off the track.

"It’s around 300 pages-long. I read it from time to time, when I get back to the hotel or even at the track before I go out, I read a few sentences and take a few stuff out and try to remember how to drive! I take some of those secrets from the book out on track.

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"I’ve not read it all. I’m almost at the end but I don’t read it page to page, I skip some parts and for some race weekends, I might go through the racecraft a bit more, other race weekends it’ll be car control and for testing it’s a bit different as well. I like to read it a lot."


“I have them with me every weekend as every race is usually pretty sunny. These are part of my style, blocks the sun so pretty important. I bought the sunglasses in Valencia when we were testing there. The cap looks cool."

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"Hypercharged skyball. It’s just to warm up. I might juggle it, throw it in the air or at the wall and I have to catch it. It’s for reactions and control just to warm up before I hop in the car to get my mind and body ready.

"I also have a tennis ball just so I can juggle and keep it interesting. My warm up is really important, especially if it’s cold. When it’s cold I do a bit more but my warm up is a bit more mental than physical because I need to be sharp in the car. I try to keep my head with it, keep my balance which is the same in the race car."

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"Playspot, it has a bit of the same purpose. Four colours pop up and I have to hit the colour I selected quickly. It’s mostly just for reaction. You have to keep cool - if you make a mistake you have to get back into the rhythm, which is the same in racing. I try to use it always before I drive at the beginning of the day to sharpen my mind."