Talk about taking his home race at the end of the season to a whole new level, Federico Malvestiti grew up with the iconic Monza circuit right on his doorstep – literally!

The Jenzer Motorsport racer takes us on a trip around where he calls home, looking at the must-see sights, the motorsport scene and, since the Italians are renowned for their delicious food, the best places to eat.


“I was born in Monza in 2000 and I grew up in that city – I actually live in Villasanta, which is even closer to the racetrack. I live 500 metres from the entry to the Formula 1 circuit, so it will be very much a home race for me that weekend.

“It’s a nice city. It's quite different to Milan and you have everything you can want from tourists to parties in the evening, nice restaurants, but also where I live is close to the park. We have a lot of green areas which are quite relaxing.

“When I was a kid, I was always going to the grandstands and watching the Formula 1, dreaming to be there one day. Now to be in Formula 3 is much closer to that goal, so it’s really special for me. I like living in Monza, but maybe in the future I would like to live in another city. I don’t know which one yet, it will depend a lot on where my future will be.”

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“In Monza, of course I would suggest they visit the big park, which is one of the biggest in Europe and inside that is the Formula 1 circuit. As Monza is just half an hour from Milan, I would also suggest they go to Milan and see a lot of the beautiful places there like the cathedral, the small river we have or some museums.

“It’s full of people and I like going out with them. At night it’s even more special with all the lights and everything. I’m also starting university studying mechanical engineering, so when I’m not racing I’m more focused on studies, but when I have free time from both I like to go out with my friends, playing paddle, go-karting, going out and having fun with them.”

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“I would recommend they go to some cool restaurants that are just in front of the cathedral in Milan, where you can go and have dinner on the roof so you can have a nice view of the top of Milan at night – it's very special.”

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“I started karting because I saw a picture of my father racing, but actually in Monza, we don’t have a proper karting track. We just have a few rental karting tracks, but not an international circuit. To race on an international circuit, one of the closest is Castelletto di Branduzzo.”