Gabriele Minì capped off the first in-season test in style, posting a 1:26.319 during a Qualifying simulation in Day 2’s morning running to claim the quickest time of Formula 3’s trip to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

The Italian racer narrowly edged ahead of Taylor Barnard by just 0.063s, whilst ART Grand Prix’s Grégoire Saucy continued his strong form to finish his third session inside the top three.

In a long-run focused afternoon, Gabriel Bortoleto claimed the top spot at just over the half hour mark and didn’t relinquish it, beating Barnard and his Trident teammate Oliver Goethe.


Josep María Martí set the initial marker at 1:28.139 shortly before the first stoppage of the day. Jenzer Motorsport’s Taylor Barnard stopped at Turn 12 within the opening 15 minutes of running to bring out the Red Flag.

Once things got back underway, times continued to tumble. Collet shot up the order with a 1:26.893, but the Van Amersfoort Racing driver’s spell in front was short lived. Saucy clocked in two personal bests to improve by over two-tenths on a 1:26.522.

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Heading back out, Barnard jumped to P1 in his #27 Jenzer Motorsport car, going 0.140s quicker than the Frenchman at the end of the opening hour. With the track quietening down in the second hour, Hitech Pulse-Eight's Minì took the opportunity to set a 1:26.319, jumping ahead of the Brit.

Attentions shifted to race runs for the remainder of the morning, with VAR’s Tommy Smith taking the honours of the busiest driver of the three hours, adding an impressive 50 laps to his tally.


After a short break, Barnard immediately got things back up and running with a 1:28.629. However, it wasn’t long before Day 1’s pacesetter Bortoleto returned to the top spot, posting a 1:28.471.

A further improvement would see the Brazilian extend his advantage out front to 0.352s, which would remain until the chequered flag.

Martí brought out the only Red Flag appearance at the start of the second hour, finding the gravel trap at Turn 13. It wasn’t long before the field were swiftly back out completing a series of race runs.

The top six would remain the same from before the stoppage, with Bortoleto leading Barnard, Goethe and the third Trident of Leonardo Fornaroli. Alejandro García and Franco Colapinto completed the top six, with the Argentine 1.7s off the leading time.

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Improvements at the tail end of the top 10 saw Martí move back up into seventh ahead of Collet. VAR’s Tommy Smith and PHM Racing by Charouz’s Piotr Wisnicki were late entrants to take ninth and tenth-fastest times. Meanwhile, Zak O’Sullivan made the most of the three hours, notching up a substantial 73 laps in the #3 PREMA Racing car.

The field won’t have long to wait to get back behind the wheel, as the second in-season test at Imola takes place next week, running from April 18-19.


1Gabriele MinìHitech Pulse-Eight1:26.31948
2Taylor BarnardJenzer Motorsport1:26.38231
3Grégoire SaucyART Grand Prix1:26.52241
4Paul AronPREMA Racing1:26.55130
5Josep María MartíCampos Racing1:2 6.63834
6Christian MansellCampos Racing1:26.66330
7Mari BoyaMP Motorsport1:26.74341
8Nikola TsolovART Grand Prix1:26.75341
9Sebastián MontoyaHitech Pulse-Eight1:26.80037
10Franco ColapintoMP Motorsport1:26.80142
11Luke BrowningHitech Pulse-Eight1:26.83843
12Dino BeganovicPREMA Racing1:26.85530
13Caio ColletVan Amersfoort Racing1:26.89340
14Kaylen FrederickART Grand Prix1:26.92843
15Zak O'SullivanPREMA Racing1:26.92931
16Hugh BarterCampos Racing1:27.06434
17Rafael VillagómezVan Amersfoort Racing1:27.13244
18Nikita BedrinJenzer Motorsport1:27.14134
19Jonny EdgarMP Motorsport1:27.22217
20Hunter YeanyRodin Carlin1:27.25036
21Tommy SmithVan Amersfoort Racing1:27.345
22Oliver GrayRodin Carlin1:27.58235
23Alejandro GarcíaJenzer Motorsport1:27.66738
24Sophia FloerschPHM Racing by Charouz1:27.81231
25Piotr WisnickiPHM Racing by Charouz1:27.85232
26Ido CohenRodin Carlin1:28.07337
27Roberto FariaPHM Racing by Charouz1:29.23329
28Oliver GoetheTrident1:30.66133
29Gabriel BortoletoTrident1:30.68535
30Leonardo FornaroliTrident1:31.20234


1Gabriel BortoletoTrident1:28.27739
2Taylor BarnardJenzer Motorsport1:28.62947
3Oliver GoetheTrident1:28.68739
4Leonardo FornaroliTrident1:28.85939
5Alejandro GarcíaJenzer Motorsport1:29.20149
6Franco ColapintoMP Motorsport1:30.02036
7Josep María MartíCampos Racing1:30.12627
8Caio ColletVan Amersfoort Racing1:30.38756
9Tommy SmithVan Amersfoort Racing1:30.43233
10Piotr WisnickiPHM Racing by Charouz1:30.62226
11Sophia FloerschPHM Racing by Charouz1:30.65732
12Roberto FariaPHM Racing by Charouz1:30.90119
13Christian MansellCampos Racing1:31.25246
14Paul AronPREMA Racing1:31.40960
15Nikola TsolovART Grand Prix1:31.90349
16Gabriele MinìHitech Pulse-Eight1:31.94640
17Mari BoyaMP Motorsport1:31.95239
18Grégoire SaucyART Grand Prix1:32.02251
19Zak O'SullivanPREMA Racing1:32.09773
20Dino BeganovicPREMA Racing1:32.12070
21Luke BrowningHitech Pulse-Eight1:32.19241
22Sebastián MontoyaHitech Pulse-Eight1:32.19241
23Hugh BarterCampos Racing1:32.22248
24Rafael VillagómezVan Amersfoort Racing1:32.23746
25Hunter YeanyRodin Carlin1:32.32246
26Oliver GrayRodin Carlin1:32.34445
27Nikita BedrinJenzer Motorsport1:32.36549
28Ido CohenRodin Carlin1:32.55846
29Kaylen FrederickART Grand Prix1:32.55850
30Jonny EdgarMP Motorsport--