We dive into the paddocks to take a look at the essential items for our drivers on a race weekend. From iPads and AirPods to helmets and hats and much more, we find out what they can’t travel without.

Yuki Tsunoda is up next...


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I like football, I love to play soccer. I usually use the football for my warm-ups, before the session starts. It is good for warming up and good to relax my breathing. I always bring the football with me to race weekends.

Japanese Amulet

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The Japanese amulet was given to me by a sponsor in Japan, the boss gave it to me. Last year, when I won the Formula 4 Championship, I was bringing this to the circuit every race weekend and I got the Formula 4 Championship. I can't say that the championship came from that, but for me, it is good to bring it with me. It helps me to feel confident and I feel the luck from the amulet. Honestly, until Paul Ricard, I couldn’t feel any luck from the amulet laughs but hopefully from now on, the amulet works for me.

Red Bull cap

The hat, honestly, I don't always wear it. But, Red Bull like me to wear the hat during media events or for photographs, so I always make sure I have it with me.


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The headphones, I usually wear them before a session to relax, or to focus. Before Barcelona and Paul Ricard, I was listening to Japanese songs, but now I have changed to the classics.


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If I have any free time I play games on my IPad, which helps me to switch my mind off from racing. It is good to switch off, it’s healthy and it helps with racing to switch off sometimes. I always bring my IPad with me. I play soccer games on there usually, because I like football.