László Tóth joins us for an in-depth look at his race weekend essentials. From iPads and AirPods to helmets and hats and much more, we find out what the grid can’t travel without.

The Campos Racing driver talks through a selection of items that are centred around keeping his mind and body focused.


“These are noise-cancelling headphones and I use them everywhere I go. Using these headphones helps me to relax better and to sleep better. They are also useful when I am in the paddock and the noise gets a bit too much. I can stick some music on these and everything is fine.

“I have got a mixture of different playlists depending on my mood and the situation. It is mostly rap and hip hop, but I also listen to some lo-fi beats. It really depends on my mood.”

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“I mainly use this during drivers' briefings and meetings, but whenever I hear any useful information, I write it down. I always have my notebook with me, so if I ever need to remember anything or check on something, then I have got this, and I can use it.

“This particular notebook is a new one, but I have used notebooks ever since my karting days, when it was suggested to me that I write everything down that could be useful. It also helps me to memorise things better if they’re written down.”


“These are blue-light glasses. I don't need or wear glasses, my eyes are perfectly fine, but I want to keep it that way. So, if I am in front of the computer, on my phone or watching Netflix, then I use these glasses and that means my eyes aren't damaged as much.

“Some people believe in them, some people do not, but it doesn't hurt to use them. It helps me to sleep after I have spent a lot of time in front of screens as well.”

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“This is one of the team tablets. It is the driver’s version of the engineer's laptop, but one that we can carry around with us and take back to the hotel room. That means that we can carry on working on things, looking at data and studying videos.

“We fill out surveys after each session on the tablets, where we can share our opinions and our feelings on the car, and how the sessions went. It is just another method of communication between us and the engineers.

“Communication is really important with the team. It is like one big family. I think I have found a good team here and I feel like I fit in quite well with them.”

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Water bottle

“These are the water bottles that we use in the pits and on the grid. We cannot use normal water bottles while in the car, but we need to be able to drink, so someone will bring these bottles to the pits to ensure we are staying hydrated.

“It's a personalized bottle and the design is similar to the livery, to ensure that it matches the themes of the team."