Returning to the Formula 3 grid in 2023, Sophia Floersch arrives back with endurance racing experience to combine with her F3 history.

The PHM Racing by Charouz driver lists the drivers that would make up the ultimate competitor on track according to her.


“Probably Lewis Hamilton for his intelligence in the car. He has a lot of experience in racing in F1 and he’s proven that he’s really calm in the car. He drives with his head as well.”


“Max Verstappen. He’s shown that he’s good in the wet so probably him.”


“I’d go for Hamilton again. Even right now it’s not really working perfectly for him but I think that’s more down to the car than him. He’s shown in Qualifying that he’s there 100% and he’s doing his best.”

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“I’m going to say myself. I think Australia is a challenging track in general with how high speed it is. Also Maggotts and Becketts at Silverstone is really technical and super quick. Those are the toughest ones but I enjoy them.”


“Even though it’s a long way back, I’d probably pick Ayrton Senna. He was always right on the limit but the skill he had and the passion he had. His skill especially in those cars and during that time, he was really brave.”


“To be honest, I’d pick myself because through endurance racing, I’ve really learned how to manage tyres and I think that’s a strong point in a Championship like this one. The techniques are broadly the same, some small differences but the main base is pretty much the same.”

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“Definitely Max Verstappen. He’s always on the limit with risks, I think he’s the opposite of Hamilton actually. He’s more headfirst into a wall kind of thinking.”


“I think this sport is beginning to become more aggressive, so I’d go with aggressive. Obviously that changes session to session. In a race you need to be a little bit smoother, especially on the Pirelli tyres. I think the aggressive style in Qualifying makes you quicker, but I’d go with aggressive overall.”


“I would say Max but I’m going to go with Senna on this one instead as well. Even though I wasn’t around to see it live, or on TV, I still see the videos and it’s just insane what he did. He was and is a legend of the sport.”