Following the winter break, it was Grégoire Saucy who hit the ground running in Sakhir. The Swiss driver topped the morning and afternoon sessions on the opening day of pre-season testing for ART Grand Prix.

Saucy waited until late in the morning to post his fastest effort as the field spent time getting back up to speed with the F3 machinery. In the afternoon, he was in similar form and as the times fell, he moved back to the top of the times and stayed there to the end.


Everyone was out of the garages immediately for installation laps, but it was Tommy Smith who was the first to put a laptime on the board for Van Amersfoort Racing. The Australian’s 1:51.521 was the only time on the board in the opening hour.

He shaved off a little more time as the clock ticked over into the final hour of a relatively quiet opening segment. Only three other drivers completed timed laps before a final flurry, those courtesy of the Hitech Pulse-Eight trio.

With just over half an hour remaining, the track began to fill up. Nikita Bedrin was the first beneath the 1:50s, but plenty followed. Grégoire Saucy managed to better the Jenzer Motorsport driver’s time, beating it fractionally with a 1:51.155 to end the first morning fastest of all.

Luke Browning was the busiest driver of the session, logging 29 laps in the #16 Hitech Pulse-Eight.

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A much faster start to the afternoon followed, with all teams bar Hitech Pulse-Eight immediately out on track. Gabriel Bortoleto of Trident set the early pace on a1:49.366 that put him 0.241s clear of Caio Collet in P2 after the opening half an hour.

With just under an hour and a half remaining of Day 1, Gabriele Minì went fastest and then beat his own time to go onto a 1:48.453. He bettered that twice over, moving onto a 1:48.214 with under 50 minutes of the day left.

PREMA Racing made a leap up the table as everyone entered the final 45 minutes of running. Paul Aron closed to within 0.033s of Minì’s table-topping time before going P1 himself with a 1:47.889. Teammate Zak O’Sullivan popped up in P2, while Dino Beganovic went fifth-fastest.

Fastest man in the morning, Saucy took back the top spot with a 1:47.692 approaching the final half hour of the day. Josep María Martí moved himself up to third in his Campos Racing car.

Saucy lowered the time to beat to a 1:47.563 inside the final 10 minutes as plenty of personal bests filtered through, but the ART driver remained fastest to the chequered flag.


1Grégoire SaucyART Grand Prix1:49.1559
2Taylor BarnardJenzer Motorsport1:49.19914
3Zak O’SullivanPREMA Racing1:49.44810
4Jonny EdgarMP Motorsport1:49.4569
5Josep María MartíCampos Racing1:49.50016
6Gabriel BortoletoTrident1:49.56611
7Caio ColletVan Amersfoort Racing1:49.6197
8Paul AronPREMA Racing1:49.68712
9Nikita BedrinJenzer Motorsport1:49.71212
10Dino BeganovicPREMA Racing1:49.79713
11Kaylen FrederickART Grand Prix1:49.81910
12Hunter YeanyRodin Carlin1:49.89910
13Franco ColapintoMP Motorsport1:49.9019
14Hugh BarterCampos Racing1:50.09816
15Leonardo FornaroliTrident1:50.19711
16Alejandro GarcíaJenzer Motorsport1:50.25313
17Oliver GoetheTrident1:50.27911
18Nikola TsolovART Grand Prix1:50.67010
19Ido CohenRodin Carlin1:50.8109
20Mari BoyaMP Motorsport1:50.87110
21Luke BrowningHitech Pulse-Eight1:50.88129
22Christian MansellCampos Racing1:51.07815
23Tommy SmithVan Amersfoort Racing1:51.33226
24Gabriele MinìHitech Pulse-Eight1:51.54528
25Sebastian MontoyaCampos Racing1:51.70425
26Piotr WisnickiPHM Racing by Charouz1:52.05210
27Oliver GrayRodin Carlin1:52.1969
28Roberto FariaPHM Racing by Charouz1:52.3997
29Rafael VillagómezVan Amersfoort Racing2:01.3655
30Sophia FlörschPHM Racing by Charouz-3


1Grégoire SaucyART Grand Prix1:47.56328
2Paul AronPREMA Racing1:47.88934
3Josep María MartíCampos Racing1:48.12529
4Kaylen FrederickART Grand Prix1:48.13631
5Zak O'SullivanPREMA Racing1:48.16234
6Luke BrowningHitech Pulse-Eight1:48.20626
7Gabriele MinìHitech Pulse-Eight1:48.21414
8Dino BeganovicPREMA Racing1:48.27934
9Taylor BarnardJenzer Motorsport1:48.39328
10Franco ColapintoMP Motorsport1:48.43426
11Nikola TsolovART Grand Prix1:48.45529
12Gabriel BortoletoTrident1:48.48626
13Leonardo FornaroliTrident1:48.67924
14Jonny EdgarMP Motorsport1:48.77530
15Caio ColletVan Amersfoort Racing1:48.77632
16Christian MansellCampos Racing1:48.79231
17Hugh BarterCampos Racing1:48.79631
18Sebastian MontoyaHitech Pulse-Eight1:48.88022
19Nikita BedrinJenzer Motorsport1:48.90229
20Rafael VillagómezVan Amersfoort Racing1:48.90933
21Oliver GoetheTrident1:48.94624
22Mari BoyaMP Motorsport1:49.18427
23Ido CohenRodin Carlin1:49.34433
24Hunter YeanyRodin Carlin1:49.47427
25Alejandro GarciaJenzer Motorsport1:49.50926
26Oliver GrayRodin Carlin1:49.66833
27Piotr WisnickiPHM Racing by Charouz1:49.91826
28Tommy SmithVan Amersfoort Racing1:49.94634
29Sophia FlörschPHM Racing by Charouz1:50.07932
30Roberto FariaPHM Racing by Charouz1:51.07828