Juan Manuel Correa was in the points on his return after missing Round 3 of the 2022 Formula 3 season. A fifth and 10th place finish in the Sprint and Feature Races respectively in Barcelona were a positive takeaway on his first race weekend back.

We handed the reigns over to the ART Grand Prix man for our next Guest Column of the F3 campaign. He gives his thoughts on how his first races back in the car unfolded and how he's preparing for Silverstone.

ONE GOOD POINT - Finding fitness

I managed to finish both races and there was no pain on the foot, so it seems like this hasn't affected my recovery negatively. That means that I will probably be 100% by the time Silverstone comes, which is very positive.

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ONE BAD THING - Still some speed to find

Actually, the most negative thing was the pace in both of the races. Even though I am using the small brake pump and there's a bit of time to be found there, we still lacked a little bit of pace.

We could have done a better job with with the setup of the car and maybe me adapting to the car but we have to analyse that quite well because I am good at covering but I am not enjoying being the only one that's having to cover the whole race every time, so we need to get the race pace improved.

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WHAT I LEARNED - Quick learner

I am quite good at getting back on the pace. Even if I've been inactive for a bit and if I haven't had the same preparation as the others - in this case, it was the two days of testing and the simulator. I'm learning that I am feeling quite comfortable and confident in the car and I'm able to be in the window of the pace pretty much immediately, which is positive.

FANS MAY HAVE MISSED - Repeat performance

I did my return at this track a little bit over a year ago, I think was my first race coming back from the accident. I'm pretty sure I finished P10 as well on that baby race and at one point which is the same idea today so I think that's something kind of interesting and funny.

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NEXT UP - Silverstone

I am very much looking forward to Silverstone, I want it to come soon. Not too soon because I still need a few weeks to make sure the foot is 100% ready for the hard brake bump. But I think at Silverstone the disadvantage will go away that I have and will be able to get back on track with the season and the Championship.

It's also going to be a very difficult track. Silverstone is challenging, I'm excited to drive it F3. I'm looking forward to see what we can do there and I really hope we can get a good number of points and start getting closer to the top three in the Championship.