Sophia Flörsch has penned a guest column from her home in Germany, giving fans an insight into her life outside of racing at the moment. From training to cooking and everything in between, what has she been up to?


I am at home with my family in Germany at the moment, as we are only allowed to leave the house to go grocery shopping or to go outside and do sports, but that is pretty good. I am mostly in the house at the moment, unless I am out doing sports or exercising.

Staying fit

The gyms have been closed in Germany for two-and-a-half/three weeks now, so since then I have been mainly training outside, going running, cycling, and doing a lot of bodyweight exercises, either outside or with my equipment at home.

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Passing the time

Right now, as I mentioned it is mainly training and spending time in the simulator, but I am also producing stuff for social media. I am focusing quite a lot on social media and doing interviews, just trying to keep myself busy. I need to do something otherwise I get bored - I cannot wait to be driving again.

I tried some cooking too! I am trying to get a little bit more used to cooking right now. Other than this though, I am not really learning anything new. A lot of sim work also means a lot of setup work, and getting used to each track, each different car and setup, which is mainly what I am learning right now.

For the fans

To all the fans out there, I think it is most important that we all stay at home, wash our hands and keep the social distance. We must really listen to the government and what they are telling us.

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The more we help the government to sort it out, the quicker we might be able to race again, and the quicker you guys can see us race again. I think it is important that we all get through this together and that we all help each other and really listen and follow the government.

Stay at home and keep working out at home,

See you soon,