Sophia Floersch’s comeback to FIA Formula 3 captured the hearts of those in the motorsport community and beyond – so much so that she won the Laureus World Sports ‘Comeback of The Year’ Award in 2020. And now she has a brilliant idea for fans to get an unrivalled look at her career. In the Campos Racing driver’s own words, here’s how you can gain closer access to her life at home during the lockdown and – when the racing season resumes – life at the racetrack.

The content is all delivered on Instagram – mainly in stories and highlights that only selected people can see. Those selected people are fans who are interested in seeing more private stuff about my life at home and my life at the racetrack.

Those fans are the ones who want a closer look at the team, how everything is working, and more specific, private, content. It’s all produced professionally with a content creator, and that’s the only reason it’s not free – it takes a lot of time and work.

I came up with this idea because in America some people – some influencers – have been doing it for a while. In motorsport, people want to get closer to the racetrack and many fans have asked if I can provide that opportunity. For that reason, I started a YouTube channel, to show fans a little bit more how things are working on the racetrack.

In the current situation, it’s mainly just Esports and training and some news that I’m uploading, but as soon as the FIA Formula 3 Championship resumes, it will be amazing.

It will be fun showing people more details, having race reports after each session – even show some data files and hold raffles – just to give exciting, interesting content that fans never get to see. I’m really looking forward to it.

Right now, you’ll be able to see how I’m training, which software and circuits I’m driving in Esports, and which day and where you can stream those races. All this information will be made available earlier to subscribers.

There’s a link on my website and if you go there and scroll down, there’s a link to PayPal. This link will lead you directly to the membership rate and a choice of memberships – recurring monthly, yearly, or just for a month.

I get an email that pops up and then I add you to close friends on Instagram, and everything is sorted! It takes about five minutes.

It’ll focus on what you want to see. I want to ask what content you’re looking forward to and concentrate on what will really make you happy – then do the hard work.

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy, and I hope to see you on the racetrack soon,