Get to know 2020 BRDC British Formula 3 champion, Kaylen Frederick, a little better with an inside look at the Carlin Buzz Racing driver’s biggest achievements, his racing heroes, and his favourite tracks.

NAME: Kaylen Frederick DATE OF BIRTH: 04/06/2002 NATIONALITY: American
2021 TEAM: Carlin Buzz Racing


“I am from a town called Potomac, which is in the state of Maryland. It’s in the East Coast, south of New York. It was an interesting lifestyle, growing up racing there, because the racing scene is not really big at all in Maryland, so it was quite different going off for races and missing school.

“Mixing schoolwork in with racing was the biggest challenge because no one at school really understood what I was doing. That was the biggest hurdle to overcome, so when I eventually graduated high school, when I was 16, everything became a lot easier because I was no longer tied to the school system.

“A lot of people didn’t generally understand anything about what I was doing. In terms of the lifestyle, it’s quite quiet. It isn’t a massive city and there isn’t a lot going on. I enjoy going back when I get the chance because you really do get peace and quiet.”

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“I can't remember how old I was, but my parents were watching an F1 race and they were big Ferrari fans, so they were trying to explain who Ferrari were to me. I just remmember watching the cars go around”

“My parents were also into motorbike racing and they liked Ducati. So to me, Ferrari and Ducati were the two best teams ever in racing. That’s my first real memory. I couldn’t tell you who was driving at the time because I’m not sure how old I was.”


“I would say that it is quite smooth. I try not to be aggressive. I never really like to add the lock on, even when it is wet conditions. That helps with this tyre as well, because this titre doesn't like to be over slipped a lot, because it generates a lot of surface temperature.

“I am generally quite smooth, letting the pedals and the car do all of the rotation for me, instead of trying to hack at the wheel to get it.”


“If I had to say someone, then it would be Sebastian Vettel. When I was really getting into karting, Vettel was at Red Bull and was always winning. My dad is German as well, so it makes sense. I also speak German, so that connection was there.

“I went to a German school for almost 10 years, from Kindergarten up until seventh grade. It was a private German school, and I went because my dad wanted me to learn German.”

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“It has to be the BRDC British Formula 3 championship, which I won last year. I felt pretty good after that one, especially with all of the obstacles that everyone went through last year to even get a racing season together.

“The fact that we walked away with the Championship was really good, as it ended up being a very competitive year. I learned a lot and grew a lot from lastear.”


“When you have a bit of downtime, then you have the freedom to do a lot of things that a lot of people your age would not be able to do, if they were in university, in school, or working. You get to travel a lot and go to all of these cool cities.

“There are times when your schedule gets hectic and busy, but the travelling is cool, as is being a part of a team where you are constantly growing this relationship, surrounded by people who you get on with so well.”

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“I have got to go with Spa. I got my first real win in British F3 there, my first non-reverse grid win. I just love the track at Spa.

“There are tracks in the US that are awesome, but we won’t be going to any of those, except COTA, although I have never actually driven there before, which is quite funny considering it’s the only American track. Spa though, that is definitely the coolest one in my mind.”