2024 will mark the third FIA Formula 3 campaign for Sophia Floersch as she links back up with Van Amersfoort Racing for the first time since before her maiden season in the Championship back in 2020.

While on paper it will be ‘year three’ in F3, she is approaching things with quite a different perspective. After putting together an impressive effort with PHM Racing last season, scoring points on two occasions albeit losing one of those to post-race disqualification, Floersch was fighting in the upper reaches of the top 20 on a regular basis.

She was close to more points with a team that was going through its first season in the Championship itself, and that bodes well for what comes next and her return to VAR, a team she feels like is a home.

“2020 is now quite a long time ago, so even though it’s technically my third year, it feels more like my second because my first season was during COVID – it was just really strange, so this feels like year two,” Floersch said ahead of the 2024 season getting underway. “Last year was a different approach and this time I want to try and show my whole potential. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s never easy.

“I already have history with Van Amersfoort, I was racing with them back in 2018 and 2019 so it’s kind of like going back home again. I’ve known many of the people there already for many years, they’ve always been a good team, but they’ve also been honest with me and pushed me a lot, so I’m really happy to be back with the gang for this season.”

Floersch believes that points are well within reach this year with VAR
Floersch believes that points are well within reach this year with VAR

The ‘gang’ were going through their second full F3 campaign in 2023 and, as they did in their maiden campaign, VAR claimed a victory and several podiums along the way. Preparations for this year already began in Macau at the tail end of last year where she was perhaps unfortunate to not come away with points to show for her and VAR’s efforts, but the overall mood in the camp was positive.

Now, with pre-season testing fast approaching, the team and driver will be sitting down to set expectations which, according to Floersch, will be focused on achieving regular points finishes, something both parties look more than capable of doing.

“Hopefully we’re going to be fighting and finishing in the top 10 constantly. We’ll see where we end up at the end of the year, but the goal is to finish in the top 10 in the Championship, which I think is possible.

READ MORE: Pre-season expectations: What each team will be aiming for in 2024 “We had some bright moments last year. I think it was about trying to help (PHM) get better over the course of a weekend and the season, making steps in the right direction. I think we did that and by the end of the year, it was easier for us to have good races.

“So, with Van Amersfoort, and with their history and the success they had last year, it definitely helps, and they know what to do. They know what they want to change from last year and having done Macau with them at the end of last year and with the work we’ve done over the winter break, it’s going to be a good year. I think we have quite a good lineup to try and improve on the points from last year.”

As with any driver returning for another season, it comes with a certain amount of expectation that results will continue to improve on what has come before. That’s something Floersch is totally at peace with and, in fact, is using as a source of motivation for 2024.

2024 is a return to Van Amersfoort Racing for Floersch after racing with the team earlier in her career
2024 is a return to Van Amersfoort Racing for Floersch after racing with the team earlier in her career

The Alpine Academy driver says that while the level of expectancy has grown, so too has her confidence and motivation to go even better this time around. With the focus on maximising and improving the details, and with a back-to-back campaign awaiting her, Floersch goes into the new season with every reason to be excited.

“I’m hyped and fully ready to go but also quite relaxed and chilled out about it. Obviously there’s pressure but I don’t really think about it or if I do, I try to take it positively because I’m really looking forward to the year ahead.

“Van Amersfoort are going to try and help me reach my goals, I also have Alpine supporting me where they can, and I think that’s a good base to have a successful year.

“It’s a long season, a busy season – especially May, June, and July. We’ll keep our heads down, just try to take things as they come and see what we can do. I really had a few good races last year with many overtakes and that gives me a lot of confidence.

“I know there are points I still have to work on from my side, but we have three days in Bahrain with a lot of track time, so we’ll see. I’ll be satisfied if the team and I can hit the goals we’ve set. Of course, I want to win every race but that would be unrealistic. Every race is a possibility. In the race anything is possible, in F3 especially. If I’m quick and the team is quick, and we’re developing things as we should, that’ll be good.”