After spending the off-season training and playing golf at his father’s hotel in Cape Town, David Schumacher returned to Formula 3 action refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to get to work with Trident, who he referred to as a “proper Italian racing team.”

Despite his excitement at the prospect of working for the 2020 teams’ vice-champions, Schumacher was still keen to play down expectations ahead of his second full-season at this level.

“Like everyone, the aim is to win the championship, but we will see how the first race goes and where we are at, then we can build up from there,” said Schumacher “I managed to shut off a bit in the winter, although I trained every single day – well, except for Sundays.

“I came back and have been preparing with the team in Italy, doing work on the simulator and more training. They’re a proper Italian team and you can really feel that.

“They are really passionate, but you can have a good laugh with them after the days have finished as well and I am really, really happy to be with them.”

Schumacher spent the off-season training at his fathers hotel in Cape Town
Schumacher spent the off-season training at his father's hotel in Cape Town

The 19-year-old has already enjoyed stints with Campos, Charouz Racing System and Carlin Buzz during his time in F3, but says that the Trident machinery “felt completely different.”

Although he believes he’s a better driver than when he arrived in F3, the German still hopes to learn heaps from the Italian outfit, who helped David Beckmann and Lirim Zendeli to revive their careers last year after tough rookie seasons in F3.

“I learned a lot over the year, I learned a lot about the car and how to drive it,” he continued. “It is really good to be with Trident, the car that they provide is really strong and we have made good progress already through the tests.

“The first time I sat in the car it was completely different, I felt completely comfortably. I am really looking forward to the first race in Barcelona.”