Campos Racing's Hunter Yeany takes us through his essentials that are first in his travel bag for every race weekend.

The American doesn't just bring headphones, an energy drink and his racing boots. Instead, he opts for some very specific footwear and something to keep him busy when he's out of the car.

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"I've got this hat bag which is like a foot long. It could probably fit like seven hats. I don't have any favourites but I like ones with a bit of a floral design, I think the floral design fits me more. But I have a lot of Vans hats."

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"I've brought a skateboard to every European round I've been to so far. I started bringing them last year, when I first came over here, and it's always my go to for getting around the paddock fast. If I need to go to the bathroom before I go out on track, I just grab my skateboard.

"I have two custom-made ones. One of them I need to fix because I ruined it when I was younger. There's another custom one I have, but this one is my favourite because it's a carver and it kind of feels like you're surfing, which is nuts.

"Another good thing is it's so small I just put it in my bag. It always fits which is nice."

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"My shoes. Can't go wrong with a pair of Vans. Every time I've gone to a race track I've always worn Vans. Whether it's the most beat-up pair I have or brand new ones. I think I probably go through three or four pairs a season."

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