Liam Lawson’s fledging motorsport career has already included a contract with the Red Bull Junior Team, some emphatic race wins and even title wins, but which of these moments have been the most influential in getting him to where he is today?

We sat down with the Hitech Grand Prix driver to discuss the moments that made him.


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“I won the Championship in 2019 and it was really, really tough – it basically went down to the last race. I think that I went into the last race with just two or three points separating me and Marcus Armstrong and I won it on that final day.

“I drove in German F4 that season as well, which was pretty much just young drivers - like myself - all making their way up, whereas TRS was a mixture of different drivers from all sorts of different Championships.

“Obviously, Marcus was one of those and it was really tough going up against someone with that level of experience. There was also Lucas Auer, who was driving for the same team as me, and it was really cool for me to be able to learn from these guys. Every single weekend was an absolute battle and I had to deal with pressure that I had never really faced before.”


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“About 12 hours after winning the TRS, I had what I would say is the second biggest moment of my career, which was signing my deal with Red Bull – a dream of mine since I was a kid. It was the morning after I had won the TRS and it was actually my birthday as well – so you couldn’t really have written in.

“When I first arrived in Europe, I would see Red Bull juniors turning up to the track and everybody would always look at them, being a Red Bull junior was something that I thought was really cool. When I was growing up, Red Bull were my favourite team. I was a big fan of Lewis Hamilton, but in terms of an actual team, I always really, really liked Red Bull and I never thought that it would be possible to join the programme, so that was pretty crazy.”


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“The final moment would be my first Race 1 victory in Formula 3 at Silverstone. It wasn’t my first win in F3, as I had won the reverse grid race in Austria, but it was my first win on a Saturday. For me, this was more of an achievement because we really had to fight for it.

“The first two weekends this season were tough. We just couldn’t turn the tyre on in Quali and that wasn’t ideal. We worked really, really hard to get on top of that issue and got things on track in Silverstone.

“Race 1 is obviously the one that you want to win the most, plus I live really close to Silverstone and it is my favourite track on the calendar. I think that it is a place which I connect well with and it was really cool for me to be able to win the race.”