Nikita Bedrin was the driver to beat on the opening day of running at the second in-season test in Imola, leaving it late on to claim the honours in both sessions.

In a morning dominated by Qualifying simulations, the Jenzer Motorsport driver set a 1:31.445 in the final hour of the morning’s running, as less than a tenth separated him from Paul Aron and Gabriele Minì.

A disrupted afternoon running saw Bedrin put a 1:30.368 on the board in between the final two stoppages. Becoming only the second driver to reach the 1:30s so far, he finished comfortably clear of Gabriel Bortoleto and Dino Beganovic.


Formula 3’s second in-season test began with a leisurely start and with the track to himself, Tommy Smith put the first time of the day on the board 40 minutes into running. The Van Amersfoort Racing driver eventually lowered the initial benchmark to 1:33.664.

The action started to pick up around the two-hour mark, as Jonny Edgar set multiple personal bests to break into the 1:32s, before posting a 1:31.834. Having set the fastest time of the Barcelona test, Minì was eager to get back to the front, improving with a 1:31.517 to go three tenths clear of the MP Motorsport driver.

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Two short Red Flag stoppages within the second hour would bring a halt to running. Firstly, Edgar beached himself in the gravel at Turn 3, before Hugh Barter stopped at Turn 1 in the #25 Campos Racing car.

Once back out on track and with an hour of running remaining, Bedrin bumped himself up to the top of the pile. Clocking in a 1:31.445, the Jenzer driver stayed ahead all the way to the chequered flag.

Minì would bring out the third and final Red Flag of the morning, momentarily coming to a halt at Turn 9. Claiming the most laps of the session with 37, the Italian eventually had to settle for P3. PREMA Racing’s Aron nudged in front of him late on, only 0.024s adrift of Bedrin’s leading time.


In contrast to the earlier running, times immediately began flooding in from the get-go, but it was Franco Colapinto who took the reins early on. A 1:32.620 saw the Williams Academy junior go nearly four tenths clear of MP teammate Mari Boya, before Hitech Pulse-Eight’s Luke Browning closed the gap to 0.343s.

The Red Flag made another reappearance 45 minutes into running, as the Trident duo of Gabriel Bortoleto and Oliver Goethe both stopped on track. When the session resumed, Caio Collet broke into the 1:31s, before Josep María Martí put Campos Racing ahead with a 1:31.287.

Shaving another tenth off his benchmark, the Spaniard stayed out front by over six tenths as programmes switched over to race simulations. However, that didn’t stop several drivers clocking in their fastest attempts, as Minì scooted ahead by just 0.025s.

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The top three could barely be split as Bortoleto took his turn in P1, with less than half a tenth separating him from Minì and Martí. Smashing through the 1:31s barrier, the Brazilian then carved a comfortable advantage, breaking over 0.45s clear of the pack.

As the final half an hour approached, two Red Flags would bring an early end to running with Leonardo Fornaroli finding the gravel on the exit of Turn 18. Shortly after the resumption, Mari Boya went off at Turn 10 with six minutes remaining to conclude the session.

In between the two pauses, there was enough time for Bedrin to secure his place at the top of the timing sheets once again. Firing in a 1:30.368, the #26 Jenzer slotted three tenths clear of Bortoleto, whilst Dino Beganovic claimed third, seven tenths adrift. Goethe and Rodin Carlin’s Oliver Gray made the most of their track time, notching 45 laps each on the board.


1Nikita BedrinJenzer Motorsport1:31.44530
2Paul AronPREMA Racing1:31.46921
3Gabriele MinìHitech Pulse-Eight1:31.51737
4Leonardo FornaroliTrident1:31.60524
5Christian MansellCampos Racing1:31.63330
6Dino BeganovicPREMA Racing1:31.64920
7Grégoire SaucyART Grand Prix1:31.70023
8Oliver GoetheTrident1:31.72825
9Jonny EdgarMP Motorsport1:31.83415
10Franco ColapintoMP Motorsport1:31.87431
11Gabriel BortoletoTrident1:31.96027
12Taylor BarnardJenzer Motorsport1:31.96234
13Hugh BarterCampos Racing1:31.96714
14Sebastián MontoyaHitech Pulse-Eight1:31.99031
15Nikola TsolovART Grand Prix1:32.06724
16Zak O'SullivanPREMA Racing1:32.20421
17Caio ColletVan Amersfoort Racing1:32.24929
18Rafael VillagómezVan Amersfoort Racing1:32.37227
19Piotr WisnickiPHM Racing by Charouz1:32.45933
20Tommy SmithVan Amersfoort Racing1:32.51735
21Kaylen FrederickART Grand Prix1:32.62025
22Oliver GrayRodin Carlin1:32.65131
23Josep María MartíCampos Racing1:32.81116
24Mari BoyaMP Motorsport1:32.81431
25Alejandro GarcíaJenzer Motorsport1:32.93934
26Ido CohenRodin Carlin1:32.85230
27Sophia FloerschPHM Racing by Charouz1:33.32134
28Roberto FariaPHM Racing by Charouz1:33.58930
29Luke BrowningHitech Pulse-Eight1:33.85321


1Nikita BedrinJenzer Motorsport1:30.36837
2Gabriel BortoletoTrident1:30.69039
3Dino BeganovicPREMA Racing1:31.11137
4Gabriele MinìHitech Pulse-Eight1:31.14133
5Josep María MartíCampos Racing1:31.16635
6Grégoire SaucyART Grand Prix1:31.24240
7Paul AronPREMA Racing1:31.29835
8Mari BoyaMP Motorsport1:31.49942
9Oliver GoetheTrident1:31.50545
10Nikola TsolovART Grand Prix1:31.55639
11Taylor BarnardJenzer Motorsport1:31.56038
12Caio ColletVan Amersfoort Racing1:31.77240
13Franco ColapintoMP Motorsport1:31.79941
14Kaylen FrederickART Grand Prix1:31.91038
15Oliver GrayRodin Carlin1:31.96745
16Christian MansellCampos Racing1:32.06229
17Hugh BarterCampos Racing1:32.09225
18Luke BrowningHitech Pulse-Eight1:32.14243
19Rafael VillagómezVan Amersfoort Racing1:32.22339
20Leonardo FornaroliTrident1:32.24334
21Sebastián MontoyaHitech Pulse-Eight1:32.29926
22Jonny EdgarMP Motorsport1:32.38528
23Sophia FloerschPHM Racing by Charouz1:32.70033
24Piotr WisnickiPHM Racing by Charouz1:32.89122
25Ido CohenRodin Carlin1:32.89743
26Tommy SmithVan Amersfoort Racing1:33.62036
27Alejandro GarcíaJenzer Motorsport1:33.65040
28Roberto FariaPHM Racing by Charouz1:34.38622
29Zak O'SullivanPREMA Racing1:34.53822