Donning one of the brighter helmets on the FIA Formula 3 grid, Grégoire Saucy flies the flag for Switzerland with a day-glow red, white and black colour scheme.

With a helmet design that compliments his ART Grand Prix #8 car, albeit unintentionally, Saucy talks us through the design and how he has changed his racing lid over the years.

“The design has been basically the same for around three years now. I’ve used the same design for a while.

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“The first design I had was a little bit different. The design was more or less the same, but there was some blue and orange and a bit of gold. But it was basically the same style. I had that up until my first full year in Formula Renault which was 2020. The first time I went with ART, I had this design. I’ve kept it in all the years since.

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“But now I have the white and red colours because of the Swiss flag. They’re my colours also – I like red and white. There’s also a bit of black, but the bare carbon looks pretty cool. It’s basically the same design but there’s different colours. It goes well with the team colours too but that wasn’t on purpose.

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“It wasn’t really a design that was my idea. It was done by Adrien Paviot. He’s done lots of F1 designs like for Charles Leclerc and a lot of other drivers. He called me and asked what I would like. First I wanted the Swiss flag on there, my sponsors around the top and then he asked me what colours I wanted.

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“You can also see all of the small crosses everywhere, that’s also something I asked for and he started designing from there. He gave me some ideas for a helmet and we kept in touch, asking if there were things I didn’t like but through that process, that’s how we came up with the design.

“The Swiss flag at the top is one of my favourite parts. Also the bare carbon I really like. Also my sponsors too, I have to like that bit!

“Bell painted it. I’ve been with them for almost all of my time in single seaters. I really like them. I’ve been with them for five years now.

“It’s an idea for a special one. I think I’ll have one at some point this year. Maybe Monaco but maybe at the end of the year at Monza. We’ll see. I’ll probably have the same design with the white and red but then I’ll have to come up with one for the final race. No firm ideas yet though.”