We hand the reigns over to Logan Sargeant who crafts a new addition to the FIA Formula 3 calendar. Choosing everything from the country, to the celebrities that he would invite, the Carlin Buzz Racing man creates a new race weekend.

Which country would the race be based in?

Being American, I think that it would definitely have to be in the US, so that it was a home race.

Which city in that country?

I would want it to be in Miami, which is where I am from. I would invite my friends, family etc. and I think that it could be something quite similar to Monaco maybe, as it is right on the water, it would be cool.

Would it be a day or a night race?

I think Miami is quite lively at night, so a night race would be quite cool.

Would it be a street or a track race?

A street race because it gets everyone involved a little bit more. Fans are closer to the track and closer to the action and hopefully you can add some things into that track that would create some good racing.

Would it be a wet or a dry race?

I would have to go dry because I think that everyone performs to their absolute maximum on the dry and you get the whole package

Which celebrity would attend the event?

I think that it would be really cool if The Rock was there, because he is a bit of an icon in America.