Thoughts from Beganovic, Fornaroli and Minì

FIA Formula 3: Dino Beganovic, F3 race winner, how does that sound?

Dino Beganovic: It’s been too long. It sounds very good. Very happy with this one, after a disappointing Bahrain, it was a great weekend. Very good pace today and well managed. The car was feeling good, and I was feeling confident. It feels very good.

FIA Formula 3: You started P3 on the grid today, we saw you doing some great moves on a few drives, especially Leonardo for the win. Then it was all about managing the tyres, how is it from the car?

Beganovic: The management started very early in the race. We had experience from yesterday, so we knew what to do and what not to do. It was all about management in the beginning. Trying to stay in the DRS with Gabriele and Leo. After that it was still about management but the last couple of laps, I was really pushing to get out of DRS and have a safer last lap without Leo on my tail. I didn’t want to give him any opportunity to overtake.

FIA Formula 3: Was yesterday’s Sprint Race the key to success today?

Beganovic: Yes, it was. We got a lot of experience; we learned a lot about the tyres and how to manage them on this track. We knew what to do and what not to do, it was key to learn that and finished the race yesterday so that we knew what to do.

FIA Formula 3: Next up with have in-season testing before the next round in Imola, what will be your aim for testing?

Beganovic: We have a few things we would like to test during the three days. It will be interesting to see how it will work out. But it is good to come with some goals rather than just drive. I can’t tell you what, but it will be interesting to see.

FIA Formula 3: Thank you, congratulations. Leo, P2 today from pole position, not the result you would have wanted but still some good points, how are you feeling after the race?

Leonardo Fornaroli: I am actually pretty happy with my race because I gave it my best. We did not start with new tyres like Dino and Gabriele, so I knew they had an advantage compared to me. Felt quick at the start, with the clean air but then the tyres started to degrade. Dino was faster than me, so I decided to let him by and just stay in his DRS. I tried to re-overtake a few times, but I wasn’t close enough. P2 - I really wanted the win but still okay. It was a very good weekend, we had huge potential. With pole position and P2 we have some good points for the Championship.

FIA Formula 3: Does it feel like this round in Australia was exactly what you needed after Bahrain?

Fornaroli: Bahrain was still a good weekend, but I had a few too many mistakes, especially in quali. So we had a bit of a redemption with Qualifying from the last round to take pole position. We scored a lot of points this weekend. After two rounds we are in a good position and I am very happy with our performance.

FIA Formula 3: Thank you, congratulations. Gabriele, P2 on the grid, third at the flag. This result doesn’t tell the whole story of your race, it was very hectic. How was it out there?

Gabriele Minì: Starting P2 with a tyre advantage compared to Leo we were expecting to be able to fight for a win. The first laps were quite strong, we could keep in the DRS. I was trying my best to manage the tyres, but I could feel they were degrading quite early on even though I was driving slower than I could to save them. It’s a shame with the degrading rear early on, I was losing two or three seconds per lap. At the end of the race I was gaining pace. In the last 5 laps it was all about attacking. I was pushing at my best without putting it in the grass or making a mistake. When Luke made his mistake in Turn 6, I managed to overtake him with the DRS. It is better than what I felt in the car, I thought we were going to drop massively. Being P3, on the podium, it’s some good points for the Championship and some good results.

FIA Formula 3: When you were behind Luke Browning, you didn’t feel as confident you could get back on the podium?

Minì: Looking at the pace, at that moment I was slower so at that point I was trying to get rid of the graining. Trying to fix the things I did wrong yesterday in the Sprint. At one point it all came back lucky and I managed to get back on the pace and get Luke.

FIA Formula 3: It’s two rounds done, next is testing. How will you be preparing for Round 3 in Imola?

Minì: We will try many things in testing. Me as a driver I know the things we I can fix on specific tracks, and I will try to improve on those three days. Testing is important for Imola, but I think given we are running on mediums in Imola and in testing we will be running on hards. It will be different of course. We will probably use the data from Australia for Imola, but we will use the testing data from Imola for the rest of the season.