Luke Browning set the fastest time on the second day of running at the Sakhir pre-season test, with the Hitech Pulse-Eight driver edging out MP Motorsport rival Alexander Dunne to take the top spot.

Browning completed a lap of 1:46.819 to go fastest overall in the afternoon session, which followed a morning segment headed up by Jenzer Motorsport’s Charlie Wurz.


With much improved conditions compared to day one, plenty of teams opted to head straight out onto the track looking to rack up as many laps as possible.

After a busy hour of action in Sakhir, ART Grand Prix driver Nikola Tsolov had set the benchmark time of 1:49.071. However, he was being kept honest by his rival Browning, who was 0.264s behind in second place.

As the drivers laid down more rubber on the racing line, they found more grip and the times were improving fast as MP Motorsport’s Kacper Sztuka rocketed to the top of the timesheets, with a lap of 1:48.453.

Mari Boya then became the first to dip below the 1:47s, when the Campos Racing driver completed a lap time of 1:46.964. It was proving a difficult one to beat as PREMA Racing’s Gabriele Minì, his nearest challenger, was over three-tenths away.

The lead then swapped hands by the slimmest of margins with 30 minutes left as Jenzer Motorsport’s Charlie Wurz made great use of the clear track to go top by just a thousandth of a second.

It proved to be the fastest time of the morning session as no other driver matched Wurz’s 1:46.963. The checkered flag brought to a close a busy first segment were multiple drivers completed over 30 laps, Van Amersfoort Racing’s Tommy Smith did the most with 34.

Wurz was quickest in the morning session on day two
Wurz was quickest in the morning session on day two


VAR’s Sophia Floersch led the way out of the pitlane to kick off the afternoon as drivers got right back to it and continued to add to their lap count.

PREMA Racing were quick out of the blocks as Gabriele Minì went straight to the top of the leaderboard. His time of 1:51.070 was over three-tenths faster than his teammate Dino Beganovic in second.

With an hour gone, Sebastián Montoya went quickest for Campos Racing, eclipsing Minì’s attempt by a 1.657s, setting a lap of 1:49.413.

There was more good news for Campos as Mari Boya went within 0.052s of Montoya’s effort, while Oliver Goethe settled into third. However, down at Jenzer, Max Esterson pulled his car over to the side of the road at Turn 11 bringing out the first Red Flags.

As the day wound down to a close the drivers began to set the timesheets alight with green and purple sectors, the fastest time now changing hands on multiple occasions. But in the end, Browning’s lap of 1:46.819 proved good enough to beat Dunne’s best effort by 0.066s.

It was a busy day for every driver in the paddock, but the most laps in the afternoon were completed by the Trident trio. Leonardo Fornaroli, Santiago Ramos, and Sami Meguetonif all completed 47 tours of the Sakhir circuit each.


1Charlie WurzAUTJenzer Motorsport1:46.96330
2Mari BoyaESPCampos Racing1:46.96424
3Gabriele MinìITAPREMA Racing1:47.30419
4Oliver GoetheDEUCampos Racing1:47.33217
5Luke BrowningGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:47.44232
6Leonardo FornaroliITATrident1:47.56433
7Nikola TsolovBULART Grand Prix1:47.60029
8Santiago RamosMEXTrident1:47.61626
9Matías ZagazetaPERJenzer Motorsport1:47.61725
10Sami MeguetonifFRATrident1:47.62923
11Christian MansellAUSART Grand Prix1:47.66228
12Dino BeganovicSWEPREMA Racing1:47.67618
13Arvid LindbladGBRPREMA Racing1:47.69719
14Max EstersonUSAJenzer Motorsport1:47.76430
15Alex DunneIREMP Motorsport1:47.78129
16Laurens van HoepenNLDART Grand Prix1:48.14328
17Tim TramnitzDEUMP Motorsport1:48.20032
18Martinius StenshorneNORHitech Pulse-Eight1:48.34825
19Callum VoisinGBRRodin Motorsport1:48.37730
20Nikita BedrinITAPHM AIX Racing1:48.38922
21Piotr WisnickiPOLRodin Motorsport1:48.43828
22Kacper SztukaPOLMP Motorsport1:48.45328
23Joseph LoakeGBRRodin Motorsport1:48.61525
24Noel LeónMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:48.72031
25Sophia FloerschDEUVan Amersfoort Racing1:48.81430
26Cian ShieldsGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:48.82024
27Tasanapol InthraphuvasakTHAPHM AIX Racing1:48.85825
28Joshua DufekAUTPHM AIX Racing1:49.02526
29Tommy SmithGBRVan Amersfoort Racing1:49.37634
30Sebastián MontoyaCOLCampos Racing1:49.7635


1Luke BrowningGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:46.81932
2Alex DunneIREMP Motorsport1:46.88536
3Tim TramnitzDEUMP Motorsport1:46.97635
4Nikita BedrinITAPHM AIX Racing1:47.12234
5Charlie WurzAUTJenzer Motorsport1:47.34231
6Mari BoyaESPCampos Racing1:47.51738
7Nikola TsolovBULART Grand Prix1:47.57934
8Kacper SztukaPOLMP Motorsport1:47.58636
9Cian ShieldsGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:47.73033
10Martinius StenshorneNORHitech Pulse-Eight1:47.79729
11Max EstersonUSAJenzer Motorsport1:47.79931
12Noel LeonMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:47.80435
13Matías ZagazetaPARJenzer Motorsport1:47.85329
14Gabriele MinìITAPREMA Racing1:47.86136
15Laurens van HoepenNLDART Grand Prix1:47.94831
16Tasanapol InthraphuvasakTHAPHM AIX Racing1:48.02836
17Dino BeganovicSWEPREMA Racing1:48.11037
18Arvid LindbladGBRPREMA Racing1:48.13336
19Oliver GoetheDEUCampos Racing1:48.21732
20Callum VoisinGBRRodin Motorsport1:48.23134
21Tommy SmithAUSVan Amersfoort Racing1:48.45536
22Joshua DufekAUTPHM AIX Racing1:48.47236
23Joseph LoakeGBRRodin Motorsport1:48.47335
24Piotr WisnickiPOLRodin Motorsport1:48.51732
25Christian MansellAUSART Grand Prix1:48.56934
26Sophia FloerschDEUVan Amersfoort Racing1:48.96335
27Sebastián MontoyaCOLCampos Racing1:49.08122
28Leonardo FornaroliITATrident1:50.91347
29Santiago RamosMEXTrident1:51.50447
30Sami MeguetounifFRATrident1:51.60947