Kaylen Frederick isn’t just keen on keeping the action going on track as he always packs equipment to keep him on his toes out of the car.

From the old-school skipping rope to the best of reaction time training kits, the 2023 ART Grand Prix driver is always aiming to keep himself busy on a race weekend. Here is what he always has in his suitcase.

Skipping Rope

“It’s pretty self-explanatory, a great warm-up tool before the session to help you get ready, even if it’s hot outside. Gets your body ready, heart rate up just so you’re fully warmed up for a session. It keeps me sharper and a bit more focused.

“I can’t really do too many tricks, I’m pretty consistent though. It’s not too bad though, just do skipping for warming up and it’s pretty useful.”

Blaze Pods

“We’ve got another warm-up tool which is the Blaze Pods. They’re basically reaction time pads, you can lay them out in any orientation you want, they turn on different lights and you have to hit them to turn them off. They’ve got distracting lights and other things, so it gets your brain to think about which ones you need to react to and which ones you don’t.

“They can also connect up on the walls and different surfaces, on the ground and do running drills with them. They’re a great tool to warm-up with and get the reaction times going before a race, you need to be sharp to make up spots. Very useful for the weekend and a newer thing I’ve been using.”

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Water bottle

“I’m always staying hydrated even if it’s cold out I’m drinking a lot. I’ve always got a water bottle on me. I’ve got my own colours on this one. I ran this scheme in British F3, it matches the branding, and it kept the same colours for this year so meant I didn’t need to get a lot of new stuff!”

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“Some headphones, I’ve got smaller ones here – when you’re warming up or travelling a lot, there’s times where you listen to music or watch whatever you want. It helps you stay focused and in your own zone. I use them if I need to warm-up, if I need to get pumped up I can get pumped up. Or I can chill out and play some calmer music.

“Music depends on the day and where I’m starting. If I need some more motivation or a bit more excitement, then I’d listen to some hip-hop or something. I listen to quite a wide variety.”

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“I’m not a great football player myself but at the weekends, you’re either very busy or have lots of time between sessions. We all like to get out and do something, last year we got out play something like one bounce, just to get everyone involved and have fun in between sessions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a football, could be table tennis or tennis balls, just something to have some fun.”