Gabriele Minì ended the final day of post-season testing on top, setting the fastest time in a dry/wet last day of on-track action at Imola.

The PREMA Racing driver took control of the timing sheets during the opening hour of morning running around the Italian circuit, setting a 1:30.679. His efforts couldn’t quite be matched, with Mari Boya finishing only 0.027s adrift in P2, whilst Dino Beganovic completed a PREMA 1-3.

By contrast, the afternoon session was impacted by rain. Once the track steadily began to dry, it was Hitech Pulse-Eight’s Alex Dunne who earned the fastest time. His 1:39.730 put him 1.033s clear of Jenzer Motorsport’s Charlie Wurz and Beganovic at the chequered flag.


The whole field ventured out straight away at the green light, with Dunne quickest out of the box to set the early benchmark at 1:32.190. Beganovic, the first driver signed for the 2024 FIA Formula 3 campaign, was the next to go fastest by two tenths, before improving to a 1:31.571.

After 20 minutes of running, the field made a quick trip to the pits. Bolting on some fresh medium Pirelli tyres, Dunne reclaimed the top spot in a1:31.306 until Minì became the first driver to break into the 1m30s.

Kacper Sztuka brought out the first Red Flag of the day at the start of the second hour after the #11 MP Motorsport car stopped on track. It was nip and tuck at the top of the timing sheets once running resumed, with 0.073s separating the top three of Minì, Boya and Beganovic.

However, the proceedings were halted by four Red Flag appearances in succession after Trident’s Leonardo Fornaroli and Sami Meguetounif stopped on track and both Rodin Carlin cars of Callum Voisin and Ugo Ugochukwu found the gravel trap in separate incidents.

A fifth and final stoppage came with four minutes left on the clock after Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak came to a halt in the #31 PHM Racing car, bringing an early conclusion to the morning’s session. The order remained mostly unchanged throughout, with long runs being the focus. MP Motorsport’s Grégoire Saucy and Tim Tramnitz got the most mileage on the board, notching up 44 laps apiece.

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As rain began to fall at the beginning of the final session, few were in a rush get back out on track. Santiago Ramos was the first to explore the wet Imola circuit, completing his initial tour on a 1:54.111.

Boya found the gravel trap at Turn 4 to bring out the first Red Flag of the afternoon within the first 20 minutes of running. The session resumed momentarily before being halted once more due to the heavy downpour.

Once the rain eased off, the Hitech Pulse-Eight trio ventured out and Dunne’s 1:49.625 slotted him up into P1. As the track filled up, the fastest time exchanged hands seven times until Meguetounif broke the 1m47s barrier to take the top spot briefly. Tramnitz then lowered the benchmark to 1:46,889, slipping 0.052s ahead of the French driver.

Meguetounif brought out the Red Flag at the halfway mark after the #5 car stopped on track. When green flag conditions resumed, Minì clocked in a 1:46.821 to go fastest, before another interruption to running, courtesy of Louis Sharp stopping at Turn 14.

Sebastián Montoya, Dunne, Fornaroli, Meguetounif and Minì all brought the time to beat down to the low 1m42s, but there was just enough time for a last-gasp switch to mediums in the closing stages. Dunne then went over a second quicker than Wurz to take the P1 spot on 1:39.730.

The Irish driver’s effort remained unbeatable. A final Red Flag was waved with five minutes remaining after Nikola Tsolov stopped, on track and the session was not restarted.


1Gabriele MinìITAPREMA Racing1:30.67926
2Mari BoyaESPCampos Racing1:30.70640
3Dino BeganovicSWEPREMA Racing1:30.75226
4Nikola TsolovBGRART Grand Prix1:30.83633
5Grégoire SaucyCHEMP Motorsport1:30.92644
6Oliver GoetheDEUCampos Racing1:30.93741
7Leonardo FornaroliITATrident1:30.98536
8Sebastián MontoyaCOLCampos Racing1:31.00734
9Arvid LindbladGBRPREMA Racing1:31.08532
10Alex DunneIRLHitech Pulse-Eight1:31.09130
11Charlie WurzAUTJenzer Motorsport1:31.09420
12Kacper SztukaPOLMP Motorsport1:31.21321
13Tim TramnitzDEUMP Motorsport1:31.23344
14Martinius StenshorneNORHitech Pulse-Eight1:31.45042
15Santiago RamosMEXTrident1:31.56439
16Laurens van HoepenNLDART Grand Prix1:31.66934
17Tommy SmithAUSVan Amersfoort Racing1:31.68430
18Max EstersonUSAJenzer Motorsport1:31.69536
19Noel LeónMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:31.75638
20Christian MansellAUSART Grand Prix1:31.75627
21Sami MeguetounifFRATrident1:31.76833
22Ugo UgochukwuUSARodin Carlin1:31.77125
23Matias Zagazeta   PERJenzer Motorsport1:31.88432
24Sophia FloerschDEUVan Amersfoort Racing1:31.91233
25Callum VoisinGBRRodin Carlin1:32.10529
26Cian ShieldsGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:32.11738
27Joshua DufekCHEPHM Racing1:32.18024
28Louis SharpNZLRodin Carlin1:32.33129
29Tasanapol InthraphuvasakTHAPHM Racing1:32.63543
30Joshua DürksenPRYPHM Racing1:32.63936


1Alex DunneIRLHitech Pulse-Eight1:39.73031
2Charlie WurzAUTJenzer Motorsport1:40.76330
3Dino BeganovicSWEPREMA Racing1:40.93632
4Gabriele MinìITAPREMA Racing1:41.82027
5Max EstersonUSAJenzer Motorsport1:41.95040
6Oliver GoetheDEUCampos Racing1:42.12226
7Leonardo FornaroliITATrident1:42.30435
8Laurens van HoepenNLDART Grand Prix1:42.40937
9Mari BoyaESPCampos Racing1:43.06031
10Nikola TsolovBGRART Grand Prix1:43.28435
11Ugo UgochukwuUSARodin Carlin1:43.33930
12Arvid LindbladGBRPREMA Racing1:43.37433
13Tim TramnitzDEUMP Motorsport1:43.40332
14Sami MeguetounifFRATrident1:43.75030
15Tasanapol InthraphuvasakTHAPHM Racing1:43.78635
16Santiago RamosMEXTrident1:43.99838
17Noel LeónMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:44.04443
18Tommy SmithAUSVan Amersfoort Racing1:44.22931
19Kacper SztukaPOLMP Motorsport1:44.27031
20Grégoire SaucyCHEMP Motorsport1:44.27931
21Cian ShieldsGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:44.28132
22Christian MansellAUSART Grand Prix1:44.31933
23Sophia FloerschDEUVan Amersfoort Racing1:44.43439
24Joshua DufekCHEPHM Racing1:44.54428
25Martinius StenshorneNORHitech Pulse-Eight1:45.09532
26Louis SharpNZLRodin Carlin1:45.68227
27Sebastián MontoyaCOLCampos Racing1:45.68224
28Callum VoisinGBRRodin Carlin1:45.79729
29Matias Zagazeta    PERJenzer Motorsport1:46.03932
30Joshua DürksenPRYPHM Racing1:48.79613