Alexander Peroni was in excellent shape ahead of the 2020 FIA Formula 3 campaign, scoring the fastest time overall in pre-season testing on the final day. The Campos racer’s time of 1:46.173 could not be matched across the three days, and he finished above Jake Hughes and Jack Doohan.

The Bahrain International Circuit was much clearer on the final day of testing, as the cars returned in warm, sunny conditions – a stark comparisons to the dust and wind experienced on Day 2. Hughes wasted no time in getting a fast lap under his belt, touring at 1:47.312 inside of the first 15 minutes. The Briton was backed up by Enzo Fittipaldi and Day 2’s quickest man, Liam Lawson.

The Kiwi was sent on another push and fired around to take the times below 1m 47s for the lead, before Finnish ace Niko Kari went four-hundredths quicker. Peroni clocked up 30 laps as focus shifted to long-runs and race simulations, with Kari continuing on top.

The Charouz racer wouldn’t be shifted in the morning session, finishing ahead of the continually impressive Lawson, as well as Logan Sargeant, Dennis Hauger and Hughes.

The teams returned for the final session and Carlin Buzz got the running underway with the first quick times of the afternoon, as their trio of Clement Novalak, Cameron Das and Enaam Ahmed took the top three spots in the table.

Long-runs again remained the focal point of the session as preparations for the first race of the season, here in Bahrain, ramped up. 573 laps were completed before the rhythm was broken by a red flag, due to Calan Williams stopping on track. When things got back underway, Kari was able to muscle his way into the top two, nestling in behind Novalak.

With 45 minutes to go, the faster laps began to fly in. The PREMA machine of Frederik Vesti went top, with the day’s first time of under 1m 47s, ahead of David Schumacher and Hughes.

The times took a further tumble as focus shifted from race runs to qualifying simulations for sections of the grid. Doohan, Hughes and Peroni all took turns at the top, with the laps creeping towards 1m 46s.

They didn’t quite break that marker in the final moments, but that won’t matter much to Peroni, who sets himself up nicely for his second season in F3, with the fastest lap overall. The Campos racer finished ahead of Hughes and Doohan, with Sargeant and Richard Verschoor completing the top five. Sebastian Fernandez, Vesti, Alexander Smolyar, Novalak and Kari completed the top 10.

Next stop, Round 1! F3 will make its long-awaited racing return back in Bahrain in just over two weeks’ time. With pre-season testing completed and plenty of food for thought, all eyes will be on the 30-strong field to see who may be fighting for the Championship in 2020.

2020 FIA Formula 3 Championship - pre-season tests, Day 3, morning session

1Niko KariCharouz Racing System1:46.60636
2Liam LawsonHitech Grand Prix1:46.65437
3Logan SargeantPREMA Racing1:46.78633
4Dennis HaugerHitech Grand Prix1:46.82037
5Jake HughesHWA RACELAB1:46.86137
6Enzo FittipaldiHWA RACELAB1:46.87736
7Sebastian FernandezART Grand Prix1:46.94526
8Clement NovalakCarlin Buzz Racing1:46.98733
9Max FewtrellHitech Grand Prix1:47.02838
10Lirim ZendeliTrident1:47.03822
11Igor FragaCharouz Racing System1:47.11837
12Richard VerschoorMP Motorsport1:47.21624
13Jack DoohanHWA RACELAB1:47.22436
14Devlin DeFrancescoTrident1:47.22739
15David SchumacherCharouz Racing System1:47.29638
16Federico MalvestitiJenzer Motorsport1:47.31030
17Alexander SmolyarART Grand Prix1:47.32035
18Olli CaldwellTrident1:47.35432
19Oscar PiastriPREMA Racing1:47.44131
20Theo PourchaireART Grand Prix1:47.45627
21Matteo NanniniJenzer Motorsport1:47.49317
22Sophia FloerschCampos Racing1:47.50419
23Calan WilliamsJenzer Motorsport1:47.53425
24Bent ViscaalMP Motorsport1:47.55226
25Frederik VestiPREMA Racing1:47.57332
26Cameron DasCarlin Buzz Racing1:47.67128
27Lukas DunnerMP Motorsport1:47.67820
28Enaam AhmedCarlin Buzz Racing1:47.80129
29Alessio DeleddaCampos Racing1:48.31322
30Alexander PeroniCampos Racing1:50.67438

2020 FIA Formula 3 Championship - pre-season tests, Day 3, afternoon session

1Alexander PeroniCampos Racing1:46.17316
2Jake HughesHWA RACELAB1:46.20033
3Jack DoohanHWA RACELAB1:46.32433
4Logan SargeantPREMA Racing1:46.52231
5Richard VerschoorMP Motorsport1:46.59027
6Sebastian FernandezART Grand Prix1:46.68631
7Frederik VestiPREMA Racing1:46.73420
8Alexander SmolyarART Grand Prix1:46.74429
9Clement NovalakCarlin Buzz Racing1:46.75130
10Niko KariCharouz Racing System1:46.85418
11Enzo FittipaldiHWA RACELAB1:46.88434
12Oscar PiastriPREMA Racing1:47.02031
13David SchumacherCharouz Racing System1:47.03027
14Federico MalvestitiJenzer Motorsport1:47.24919
15Theo PourchaireART Grand Prix1:47.32730
16Calan WilliamsJenzer Motorsport1:47.52029
17Cameron DasCarlin Buzz Racing1:47.52524
18Lirim ZendeliTrident1:47.52530
19Lukas DunnerMP Motorsport1:47.54526
20Sophia FloerschCampos Racing1:47.54730
21Matteo NanniniJenzer Motorsport1:47.65938
22Alessio DeleddaCampos Racing1:47.71229
23Enaam AhmedCarlin Buzz Racing1:47.83732
24Dennis HaugerHitech Grand Prix1:47.95427
25Olli CaldwellTrident1:47.97828
26Igor FragaCharouz Racing System1:48.04230
27Max FewtrellHitech Grand Prix1:48.22831
28Bent ViscaalMP Motorsport1:50.60439
29Liam LawsonHitech Grand Prix1:50.72023
30Devlin DeFrancescoTrident1:51.15848