Luke Browning got quickly back up to speed around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, securing the fastest lap on Day 1 of Formula 3’s second post-season test.

Behind the wheel of the #16 Hitech Pulse-Eight car once again, the Briton set a 1:27.055 and narrowly remained ahead of PHM Racing’s Taylor Barnard by 0.034s at the chequered flag.

With the afternoon’s running dominated by long runs, Gabriele Minì punched in a 1:28.368 with just over five minutes of running remaining. This was enough to earn PREMA Racing a 1-2, as Dino Beganovic followed just over a tenth behind in second.


It was a leisurely start to running, as teams waited for track conditions to improve following their installation laps. Charlie Wurz put the first lap time of the day on the board for Jenzer Motorsport, clocking in a 1:29.374 at the start of the second hour.

Browning then set the benchmark at 1:27.577, four tenths ahead of Nikola Tsolov and Zane Maloney. Callum Voisin brought out the first Red Flag of the test after finding the gravel trap at Turn 14.

Once the Rodin Carlin car was recovered, it was back to business as Oliver Goethe took over the top of the timing sheets for Campos Racing on a 1:27.299. Beganovic moved up into second ahead of Minì and closing the gap out front to 0.048s.

With less than an hour remaining, Tsolov lowered the time to beat to a 1:27.151, moments before a second Red Flag appearance. Laurens van Hoepen stopped at Turn 3, necessitating a brief pause to recover the #7 ART Grand Prix car.

Running resumed with 43 minutes left on the clock and Browning quickly regained the fastest lap of the morning, setting a 1:27.055. A third Red Flag was thrown at the 35-minute mark after Joshua Dufek spun whilst exiting the final corner.

Times continued to tumble as Barnard slotted into second behind Browning, 0.034s adrift of his compatriot’s effort. The Hitech Pulse-Eight driver’s time remained unbeaten at the chequered flag, alongside getting the most mileage in with 33 laps to his name.

Mari Boya was another late improver, climbing up into third for Campos on a 1:27.113. Tsolov, Leonardo Fornaroli, Beganovic and Minì occupied fourth to eighth. Noel León and Hadrien David were the leading rookies, rounding out the top 10 for Van Amersfoort Racing and MP Motorsport respectively.

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Goethe swiftly returned to the front of the pack at the start of the afternoon stint, setting a 1:28.656 to lead a Campos 1-2-3 ahead of Boya and Sebastián Montoya. However, the German driver wouldn’t remain there for long, as Boya jumped ahead by a tenth.

Focus immediately shifted towards race simulations for most of the afternoon’s running, with 17 drivers notching in over 20 laps each within the opening hour.

As the track quietened down towards the midway point, Browning opted to go out later than most of the field, with the Williams junior going third fastest ahead of the PREMA trio of Beganovic, Minì and Arvid Lindblad.

Very little changed until Minì went top, putting down a 1:28.527 with 22 minutes to go. Setting off a flurry of fastest lap attempts throughout the order, the Italian continued to improve, securing an afternoon’s best 1:28.368 at the five-minute mark.

Beganovic followed in second, 0.112s off the Alpine Academy junior’s time. Fornaroli displaced Boya for third, as Sami Meguetounif put a second Trident car into the top five.

Goethe ended up sixth at the chequered flag ahead of Browning. Van Hoepen concluded Day 1’s running on a positive note in eighth. Lindblad and Tsolov closed out the top 10, whilst Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak was the busiest driver out on track, putting 48 laps on the board on his way to the 11th fastest time for PHM Racing.

The action will resume for the second and final day of post-season testing in Barcelona tomorrow at 09:00 (local time).


1Luke BrowningGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:27.05533
2Taylor BarnardGBRPHM Racing1:27.08916
3Mari BoyaESPCampos Racing1:27.11313
4Nikola TsolovBGRART Grand Prix1:27.15123
5Leonardo FornaroliITATrident1:27.18212
6Oliver GoetheDEUCampos Racing1:27.28614
7Dino BeganovicSWEPREMA Racing1:27.34716
8Gabriele MinìITAPREMA Racing1:27.37817
9Noel LeónMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:27.39519
10Hadrien DavidFRAMP Motorsport1:27.46723
11Zane MaloneyBRBRodin Carlin1:27.50420
12Sebastián MontoyaCOLCampos Racing1:27.60514
13Charlie WurzAUTJenzer Motorsport1:27.61419
14Sami MeguetounifFRATrident1:27.62016
15Martinius StenshorneNORHitech Pulse-Eight1:27.66028
16Tim TramnitzDEUMP Motorsport1:27.71028
17Santiago RamosMEXTrident1:27.73316
18Arvid LindbladGBRPREMA Racing1:27.81416
19Ugo UgochukwuUSARodin Carlin1:27.84221
20Max EstersonUSAJenzer Motorsport1:27.88719
21Christian MansellAUSART Grand Prix1:27.94012
22Laurens van HoepenNLDART Grand Prix1:27.94118
23Matias ZagazetaPERJenzer Motorsport1:27.95619
24Sophia FloerschDEUVan Amersfoort Racing1:28.16422
25Tasanapol InthraphuvasakTHAPHM Racing1:28.19619
26Emmo FittipaldiBRAMP Motorsport1:28.19723
27Callum VoisinGBRRodin Carlin1:28.20721
28Joshua DufekCHEPHM Racing1:28.71816
29Cian ShieldsGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:28.80227
30Tommy SmithAUSVan Amersfoort Racing1:28.82618


1Gabriele MinìITAPREMA Racing1:28.36824
2Dino BeganovicSWEPREMA Racing1:28.48026
3Leonardo FornaroliITATrident1:28.55334
4Mari BoyaESPCampos Racing1:28.55637
5Sami MeguetounifFRATrident1:28.65532
6Oliver GoetheDEUCampos Racing1:28.65637
7Luke BrowningGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:28.73030
8Laurens van HoepenNLDART Grand Prix1:28.79240
9Arvid LindbladGBRPREMA Racing1:28.84427
10Nikola TsolovBGRART Grand Prix1:28.91136
11Tasanapol InthraphuvasakTHAPHM Racing1:28.91448
12Christian MansellAUSART Grand Prix1:28.95440
13Taylor BarnardGBRPHM Racing1:29.00547
14Sebastián MontoyaCOLCampos Racing1:29.04037
15Noel LeónMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:29.12830
16Charlie WurzAUTJenzer Motorsport1:29.20237
17Zane MaloneyBRBRodin Carlin1:29.21535
18Santiago RamosMEXTrident1:29.23944
19Hadrien DavidFRAMP Motorsport1:29.24852
20Tim TramnitzDEUMP Motorsport1:29.25247
21Joshua DufekCHEPHM Racing1:29.28547
22Martinius StenshorneNORHitech Pulse-Eight1:29.33129
23Tommy SmithAUSVan Amersfoort Racing1:29.40535
24Sophia FloerschDEUVan Amersfoort Racing1:29.42230
25Ugo UgochukwuUSARodin Carlin1:29.45135
26Emmo FittipaldiBRAMP Motorsport1:29.50247
27Cian ShieldsGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:29.66630
28Callum VoisinGBRRodin Carlin1:29.98436
29Matias ZagazetaPERJenzer Motorsport1:30.13537
30Max EstersonUSAJenzer Motorsport1:30.89737