HWA RACELAB driver Oliver Rasmussen takes us on a trip around Mougins in the South of France, where he grew up. We look at places to visit, the sites to see, and of course, the motor racing scene.


“Both my parents are Danish, and they came to France. My hometown is called Mougins it's located in the south of France, it's 15 minutes away from Cannes and around 15 minutes away from the sea.

“That's what I would call my hometown because I was born 10 minutes away from there and I've always lived there, apart from one year. All I know is from there.

“It's a really cool place. You've got pretty much everything, just like if you're in the middle of a big city but it's a little bit more rural.

“Still, you're close to everything, so where you live is really quiet and you can really relax but if you need something you have everything you need within five to 10 minutes.”

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“In Mougins itself there is a small park where you have a lake in the middle, which is really nice to just have a walk around. It has lots of fish, and ducks, and paths in between the water. In the old part of the city there is a museum, because Picasso lived in Mougins, I think they have a few artworks from him.

“I spend most of my time relaxing at home, either with my family, or having a few friends over. I do have some friends which live really close by, so going and seeing them for an afternoon is something I do.

“I do like to relax, and sometimes get bored to be honest, that's most of the time that I spend at home. I'm not the kind of guy who goes out and does a lot of things during the day, because keeping busy doesn't really help me.”

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“Well, Mougins, 10 or 15 years ago, was really famous for their Michelin starred restaurants because around 20 years ago it was the city which had the most stars per inhabitants. So, there are a few places that are really, really nice in the old city, which is on top of a hill.

“You have some good restaurants such as La Place de Mougins, which is a very famous Michelin star restaurant and there the food is excellent. Also, around you have a few bars, which we would call a 'brasserie', which is really good to have a drink or two in the old part of the city. Walking around in the old part of the city is really nice. “

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“There are two tracks, one is about 40 minutes away from my home and one is an hour. The first one, the closest one, is up in the mountains it's called La Sarrée, many drivers who come from Monaco know that track because it's the closest track to Monaco.

“It's also the track where I discovered karting, so obviously it's a special track. It's a little bit up in the mountain, but the view from up there is really nice. In winter times you can even see Corsica, so it's quite special.

“Then the second one is called Brignoles, and it is one hour from home, not towards Italy, but the other way around towards Paul Ricard. That is also the track which I raced on for my first time in karting, so I have lots of memories on those two tracks.”