There are three items that Alex Smolyar says he simply cannot live without at a race weekend, with one of them dating back to a tussle he had during his karting days.

We spoke to the MP Motorsport driver to find out what the three items are and why they’re essential to his weekends.


“I probably listen to music too much, which isn't great for my ears, but everyday when I wake up, I switch on the music in my apartment. There is always music on in my apartment. When I go out, I stick my headphones in and listen to music from my phone.

“Music is one of the best things on earth: it can completely change your mood. It prepares me mentally for the day and for races.”

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“This is a really long story... When I was 11, I was at a karting event, and I got hit in the face. I don't really remember what happened, but it was a bit of a fight and the guy hit me in the face and I lost vision for two days in one eye. I couldn't see at all out of one eye, it was just darkness. Ever since, I have used eye drops. I see everything properly now, but my eyes do get tired quite quickly, and these help me.

“For example, if I do a 12 or a 24-hour race on the sim – obviously I don't drive for the whole time, but you are sat in front of the monitor - that hurts your eyes. During races, you get the fumes coming from the exhausts and that make your eyes red, so I think that eye drops are really useful.”

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“This is a really special watch. I was driving in Formula Renault in 2019 and there was a round in Monaco. it was only my second time at Monaco, as I had been there with Formula Renault in 2018 as well.

“In 2019, they said that they would give a special watch to the race winner in the second race, and I won the second race, so I got the watch. It is a special design, on the back it has my name written with 2019 Formula Renault Monaco Race winner. It is a great piece.

“I do not wear it too often - I keep it for special occasions. It is something that I will keep for my whole life, it is very special.”

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