Following a ballot during today’s Formula 3 drivers’ briefing, the two groups for Friday’s Qualifying sessions have been decided. Group A consists of even-numbered cars, while Group B is comprised of odd-numbered cars.

Group A will be in action first at 11:10 local time, followed by Group B at 11:34, with both sessions lasting for 16 minutes. As a result, the three of the top five will take to the track second, with Championship leader Gabriel Bortoleto, Gabriele Minì and Josep María Martí all in Group B.

With the results aggregated together to set the grids, the group that earns the fastest time overall will be awarded pole for the Feature Race. The fastest driver from the second group will line up in P2, with the positions then alternating between the groups. The top 12 will then be reversed for the Sprint Race, with the sixth fastest car from the second group starting on pole and the sixth fastest car from the faster group in P2.

The drivers participating in each group session are as follows:

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