Thoughts from Nannini, Fittipaldi and Stanek

FIA Formula 3: Congratulations to the top three finishers in Race 2 of the FIA Formula 3 Championship here at the Hungaroring. Finishing in third place, Roman Stanek for Hitech Grand Prix, in second place Enzo Fittipaldi for Charouz Racing System and taking his first win in Formula 3, our winner, Matteo Nannini for HWA RACELAB. Matteo, what an incredible race by you, what are your emotions like right now?

Matteo Nannini: I'm really happy, because I've been really close to the victory already twice this year, and I lost it just a couple of laps to the end of both races. I'm really happy, I really wanted this victory and I think people on the outside could see because at the beginning I tried to be as aggressive as possible, obviously staying in the limit. Once I got the move done my pace was better, so I was able to create a gap and manage it through the end of the race.

FIA Formula 3: Having been that close twice before does that make this moment even sweeter for you?

Nannini: Actually yeah, I know just for the Championship I lost a lot of points, but racing is racing and incidents can always happen. I'm really happy, and also for the team because this is a result that we deserve.

FIA Formula 3: Talk us through those early laps because you had an incredible amount of grip and you were very aggressive as well?

Nannini: I know that here in the Hungaroring it's quite difficult to overtake so the only possibilities for me were at the start. At the start, I tried to take the lead but it was not possible, then after a couple of laps I did it. Then I obviously used the tyres maybe a bit too much because it was just the beginning, but then I managed them quite well to the end of the race.

FIA Formula 3: We saw a few lock-ups from you were there any significant tyre problems for you in the closing laps?

Nannini: I think the first lock-up caused all the other lockups and then lap after lap every time I was locking in Turn 2 and Turn 13, and actually it was quite difficult to go on the straight because I had a lot of vibrations on the steering.

FIA Formula 3: Great job by you, well done. Enzo, let's come to you, your first podium in Formula 3, it's a very special moment for you just describe what this means?

Enzo Fittipaldi: I'm extremely happy, finally. Just like Matteo said I had many times as well that I was fighting up at the front last year and this year, and it just didn't happen and now finally a podium so I'm extremely happy about that. I was really hungry for the win but I'm also extremely happy with a podium. I think the whole team deserves it, we've been putting in a lot of hard work on and off the track so I'm really happy that we were able to get some Champagne and a trophy, and I saved some Champagne for my mechanics back at the paddock!

FIA Formula 3: Did you spot Pietro (Fittipaldi) from the podium?

Fittipaldi: Yeah, yeah I spotted my brother! He was down there and me and my brother have a great relationship and I think he's extremely happy as well, so yeah I did spot him!

FIA Formula 3: Talk us through those early laps, were you surprised by Matteo's pace?

Fittipaldi: I was actually quite surprised, I know I didn't do the best warm-up possible because coming to the first corner I braked and just didn't have any front grip and I thought "hmm my tyres are cold in the front!" so I knew I was going to struggle in the first couple of laps. Obviously, Matteo had his tyres in the window and he just had more grip and was able to push a lot more at the beginning of the race and create a good gap. He did a really good job and I think from our side we can only learn from this. We had really good pace towards the end of the race, in the last six laps I was catching up to him a bit but we just came on too late. I think we could have been more aggressive to have the tyres more in the beginning but that's racing. Congratulations to him, he did a really good job and I'm really happy with a podium, my first podium.

FIA Formula 3: Well done to you! Another man who is enjoying his first Formula 3 podium was you, Roman. Can you describe the view from the podium, because judging by the cheers from the crowd you had a lot of support out there?

Roman Stanek: I'm really happy to get quite a bit of fans here from the Czech Republic because it's quite close to my home the Hungaroring. So yeah, it feels great! Before the race I was walking in the fan zone and so many guys from my country wanted to take pictures with me, so yeah I'm really happy about this!

FIA Formula 3: You're a big star. Tell us a bit about the race because you lost a place at the start but then held on to third in those closing laps?

Stanek: I think Matteo sent it well into Turn 1, I will of course learn from him from this because it was a really good move! But, yeah, it's quite hard to follow here and to overtake, so I was trying to keep within one second of Enzo to keep DRS because Alex Smolyar was behind me and he was quite quick. Alex was putting pressure on me, but I managed to do it well and to finish in P3.

FIA Formula 3: This question I could have asked to any of you, but I'm going to ask you, Roman. There have now been sixteen different podium finishers this year in Formula 3. What does that tell us about this amazing Championship?

Stanek: I think it tells you the level of this category, it's F1 between junior drivers, that's it!

FIA Formula 3: Thank you all.