Get to know David Schumacher a little better with an in-depth look at the German racer from his own perspective. We spoke to the 19-year-old to find out everything from his first racing memory, to his favourite track on the Formula 3 calendar.

NAME: David Schumacher DATE OF BIRTH: 23/10/2001


“I can remember a friend of mine having an accident in my very first karting race. He was standing at the Marshall post after it happened and I was just driving for fun, and for some reason I started waving at him and it was a pretty awkward moment for us both!

“That is my first memory of racing, I was only around six-years-old in a baby kart. He was fine, it wasn't a bad accident, I think one of his tyres broke.”


“I would say that I’m pretty aggressive in the entry and I like to take a lot of speed into the corners. That isn't always a good thing, but on most occasions, it works out pretty well. I really enjoy fast corners.”


“I think that the biggest achievement that I’ve had in racing would be the karting Championships that I have won and the ADAC Formula 4 rookie title back in 2018. I would say the F4 Championship is the bigger of the two. I learned a lot from that experience.”


“My racing heroes are my father and my uncle, that is clear. My Dad gives me a lot of advice: he tells me lots, such as how to make a car work and how to properly prepare the tyres and this all helps me quite a lot.

“When they were driving, the cars were much lighter - I think the F1 car was nearly 200 kilos lighter than our F3 cars! So not everything is the same, but everything my father tells me, helps me.”


“I think that I would say that it is Barcelona in Spain. I like the first and second sectors - although I really hate the final sector if I’m honest! I like the high-speed parts of this track a lot though. I really enjoy Turn 4, when you really have to carry the speed, but can't go too early on the throttle.”