Gabriele Mini and Kaylen Frederick were the fastest drivers on Day 1 of the Formula 3 post-season test at Jerez.

Mini ended the opening session of the post-season Jerez test fastest of all for Hitech Grand Prix. The Italian, driving in Formula Regional European Championship in 2022, was quickest on a 1:30.500 on his opening morning of Formula 3 action. His time was the fastest of the day.

Frederick was the quickest in the afternoon, setting a 1:31.275 for ART Grand Prix to go top in the final hour of Day 1.


Mini was the fastest in the opening hour, setting a 1:31.217 to head the field ahead of Sebastián Montoya. The Colombian returned with Hitech Grand Prix after his appearance at Zandvoort with Campos Racing during the 2022 season and was 0.067s off the top spot in the early stages.

Josep María Martí then took over at the top of the timing sheets early on in the second hour, becoming the first to dip below the 1:31’s. His 1:30.957 was beaten by Frederick in the ART and then Mini once again. The Italian put himself back into P1 with just over an hour remaining of the opening session of the test with a 1:30.500.

Frederick was the first driver to trigger a Red Flag, taking a trip through the gravel at Turn 6. Mini’s strong start came somewhat undone too with the clock just over the hour-to-go mark. A second Red Flag was thrown after he found the barriers at Turn 10. A brief delay while the car was cleared ended with 50 minutes of the morning session remaining.

Familiar names popped up towards the top in the remaining time, with Frederick and Martí completing the top three ahead of Zak O’Sullivan, driving for PREMA Racing, and Reece Ushijima, in Hitech colours for the test.

The next Red Flag came with 10 minutes to go as Montoya found the same barriers at Turn 10 as Mini before. With six minutes left, the session went back to green though there were no more meaningful improvements.

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Oliver Goethe opened the afternoon session by going fastest. The Monégasque swapped Campos colours for Trident following his two-race appearance at Budapest and Spa-Francorchamps in-season and wasted no time getting up to speed again, setting a 1:31.749 to go fastest.

Gabriel Bortoleto made it a Trident 1-2 in the opening half an hour before the first Red Flag of the afternoon paused running. Roberto Faria found the gravel between Turns 8 and 9 and beached his Van Amersfoort Racing car.

Running resumed with two hours remaining and Martí continued his strong showing from the morning session to jump up to P3 on a 1:32.099. At the halfway point in the afternoon session, Goethe led from Bortoleto, Marti, Francesco Pizzi in his Campos car and Leonardo Fornaroli in the third Trident.

Another Red Flag for an incident at Turn 10 was thrown, this time for Emerson Fittipaldi in the #14 Charouz Racing System. It was quickly cleared and running resumed with just over an hour and 20 minutes left of Day 1.

After the resumption, O’Sullivan was the next to go quickest, setting a 1:31.669 to take his PREMA to the top of the times. Paul Aron jumped up to fourth in the #4 PREMA before another Red Flag was out. Hunter Yeany went deep at Turn 10 in his Carlin, but he avoided the barriers, instead becoming stuck in the gravel.

In the final hour of running, Dino Beganovic usurped O’Sullivan to put the final PREMA car inside the top five, going fastest with a 1:31.358. Another to pop back up in the times, Frederick went back to the top in his ART in the final 30 minutes. The American’s 1:31.275 put him just under a tenth clear. Two more familiar names followed suit, with Grégoire Saucy and Rafael Villagómez going third and fourth respectively with time ticking down.

With just over five minutes left of Day 1, the Red Flags returned as Alessandro Famularo was the next off at Turn 10. With so little time left on the clock, running didn’t resume before the chequered flag.

The test resumes tomorrow at 9AM local time.


1Gabriel MiniITAHitech Grand Prix1:30.50026
2Kaylen FrederickUSAART Grand Prix1:30.73615
3Josep Maria MartiESPCampos Racing1:30.95724
4Zak O'SullivanGBRPREMA Racing1:31.14720
5Reece UshijimaGBRHitech Grand Prix1:31.18235
6Gregoire SaucySWIART Grand Prix1:31.19619
7Christian MansellGBRCampos Racing1:31.20126
8Sebastian MontoyaCOLHitech Grand Prix1:31.20833
9Jonny EdgarGBRMP Motorsport1:31.25028
10Oliver GoetheMONTrident1:31.36923
11Hunter YeanyUSACarlin1:31.37632
12Francesco PizziITACampos Racing1:31.41527
13Paul AronESTPREMA Racing1:31.43219
14Franco ColapintoARGMP Motorsport1:31.44028
15Dino BeganovicSWEPREMA Racing1:31.66020
16Taylor BarnardGBRJenzer Motorsport1:31.72324
17Rafael VillagomezMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:31.77726
18Mari BoyaESPMP Motorsport1:31.82226
19Gabriel BortoletoBRATrident1:31.84922
20Nikita BedrinITAJenzer Motorsport1:31.86930
21Leonardo FornaroliITATrident1:32.04221
22Nikola TsolovBULART Grand Prix1:32.07619
23Arias DeukmejianUSACarlin1:32.17431
24Joel GranforsSWECarlin1:32.26532
25Alessandro FamularoITACharouz Racing System1:32.36731
26Emerson Fittipaldi JrBRACharouz Racing System1:32.65938
27Noel LeonMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:32.67434
28Nicola MarinangeliITACharouz Racing System1:33.01530
29Roberto FariaGBRVan Amersfoort Racing1:33.06732
30Alejandro GarciaMEXJenzer Motorsport1:33.15429


1Kaylen FrederickUSAART Grand Prix1:31.27537
2Dino BeganovicSWEPREMA Racing1:31.35834
3Gregoire SaucySWIART Grand Prix1:31.37836
4Rafael VillagomezMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:31.40037
5Gabriel BortoletoBRATrident1:31.49937
6Zak O'SullivanGBRPREMA Racing1:31.50933
7Oliver GoetheMONTrident1:31.67030
8Paul AronESTPREMA Racing1:31.67532
9Reece UshijimaGBRHitech Grand Prix1:31.69439
10Taylor BarnardGBRJenzer Motorsport1:31.74430
11Josep Maria MartiESPCampos Racing1:31.76333
12Leonardo FornaroliITATrident1:31.83926
13Christian MansellGBRCampos Racing1:31.85937
14Francesco PizziITACampos Racing1:31.92228
15Nikita BedrinITAJenzer Motorsport1:31.98530
16Nikola TsolovBULART Grand Prix1:32.14243
17Alessandro FamularoITACharouz Racing System1:32.14830
18Joel GranforsSWECarlin1:32.17632
19Noel LeonMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:32.26844
20Hunter YeanyUSACarlin1:32.54719
21Arias DeukmedjianUSACarlin1:32.75133
22Roberto FariaGBRVan Amersfoort Racing1:32.98138
23Nicola MarinangeliITACharouz Racing System1:33.28628
24Mari BoyaESPMP Motorsport1:33.42747
25Sebastian MontoyaCOLHitech Grand Prix1:33.52217
26Gabriele MiniITAHitech Grand Prix1:33.57719
27Franco ColapintoARGMP Motorsport1:33.62247
28Emerson Fittipaldi JrBRACharouz Racing System1:33.63421
29Jonny EdgarGBRMP Motorsport1:33.70951
30Alejandro GarciaMEXJenzer Motorsport1:33.75426