As the eldest driver for the youngest team on the grid, David Vidales is keen to push the importance of communication at Campos Racing this season, insisting that he will be working closely with teammates Josep María Martí and Hunter Yeany.

Campos’ inexperienced trio, who have an average age of only 17, covered plenty of ground at pre-season testing in Sakhir, tallying 494 laps in total as they attempted to get to grips with their new machinery.

“I think it is always very important to work with the other drivers in the team,” he said. “Helping each other helps us all to be more prepared for the challenge. We want to keep growing as a team. We want to keep learning the car and the tyres and I want to keep developing my driving as well. I want to be a better driver every day.

“My goal is the same as the rest of the team – we want to win. Our aim is to be as prepared as possible and to do our maximum and I think if we can do our maximum, then we can fight for the top spots.

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At 19 Vidales is the oldest of the three Campos drivers
At 19, Vidales is the oldest of the three Campos drivers

“The most important thing will be for us to always do the maximum that we can do. It is my first year and I am a rookie, so I have a lot of things to learn, but I will keep working hard.”

Of the three, only Hunter Yeany has any prior racing experience at this level, having competed in two rounds last season with Charouz Racing System. Vidales, meanwhile, arrives on the back of a season in Formula Regional European, where he finished 10th with one win and three podiums.

The Spaniard had tested F3 machinery as far back as 2019 though, and he took part in the post-season tests at Valencia last year.

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Vidales first tested F3 machinery in 2019
Vidales first tested F3 machinery in 2019

“The step between the Formula Regional car and the F3 car is really big. The aerodynamics, the braking and the management of the tyres are all very different and it is a big step-up. I think that it is going to be a nice challenge and I am looking forward to it.

“I have been working with the team this winter and we've been working so hard. Everyone in the team is really talented. I believe in them and think we can do a really good job this year. It is great to work with them and I am learning so much.”