We went behind the visor with Marcus Armstrong, to discuss the design of his helmet and delve into the back-story of where it all began.

The Kiwi driver admitted that there’s a hint of Kimi Räikkönen to his lid, but that it’s largely influenced by his creative designer.

“Since I was eight-years-old, my helmet design has barely changed. The Armstrong in the middle is the same, the general shape is very similar and that thing on the top is the same as well. I don't actually know what that thing on the top is laughs, I just let my designer go mad. He is very creative.

“On the initial design, it kind of looked like an ‘M,’ and I haven't actually said anything to my designer, but he has just gradually changed bits over the years. His name is Tyler Richardson, he’s a New Zealander and the company is called Helmart. He does a lot of the WEC drivers and Formula E. He is pretty good.

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“My designer is quite creative and I don't actually tell him too much. These days, I just ask him to keep the same fundamental design so that it is recognisable. He does go quite crazy and if I leave him to do what he wants to do, then he does a really good job.

“My first design was based off Kimi Räikkönen’s 2008 design, or 2007 maybe. Kimi is my favourite driver, especially when I was younger, so I asked for something similar and then over the years, Kimi has changed his design, but I have sort of kept it the same.

“I suppose some people actually call me up on it sometimes and ask if I have copied Kimi, but it is because he was my favourite driver when I was younger and I have just changed it a little bit to make it my own.

“Last year, I had a silver fern on the back, but for whatever reason, he didnt put it on this helmet. I would have it back on, absolutely, but I try not to tell him too much, because he does his best work when I don't tell him anything. I just ask for the base design, so people know it's me.”