There's lots of data for drivers to review every race weekend and PREMA Racing's Arthur Leclerc has got all the right tools to check it out with.

The Monégasque driver talks us through his must-have items trackside and how he stays in touch with his team when things get busy.


"I'm taking this book everywhere. I write everything during the weekend like driving approach, driving style, the way to set up the car at different tracks. I have some stuff that I used from last year as well, so I have all my notes in here.

"If we’re at a new track, I’ll take the book with me on the track walk and try to put down new information that we might not have already."

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"Then I've got my amazing pen that has my name ‘Arthur Leclerc, 2022’ on it. It was a present from at the beginning of the year, my engineer got them made as a gift after we worked together last year."

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"Then I have my iPad, which is mostly used for preparation. So I'm using it mostly at the beginning of the weekend. I use it to watch all the data, the videos, all the previous stuff from the last weekend. All the information that we get, we have a special app with PREMA and we can assemble and put everything you want on it.

"The data we get is almost instantaneous. We have a server that, after each session and during the race weekend, we put all the data onto. What we learned from previous events we put in there, we get as much information as we can. I can look at it ahead of a race weekend if I want from home. Before the track walk, I’m always going through all the information."

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"The last item is my phone. I always keep my phone close. I’m using WhatsApp mostly across the weekend because I’m always in touch with Angelina and everyone else from my team. We’ve always got a lot of work to do and she’s not always at the track. Otherwise I’m using Instagram. I try to leave the phone away and try to use it for work only. I definitely don’t take it out at the engineering meetings!"

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