Go behind the visor with PREMA racer Logan Sargeant, who discusses the design of his helmet and delves into the backstory of where it all began.

The American discusses the unique colour scheme and explains why he feels it is important to represent America.

“My first ever helmet was very, very similar to this one, just on a more basic scale. I have always started with the flag and then revolved everything around that.

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“The process tends to begin with me telling my designers a rough idea of what I would like and they will then come up with a design for me, that I can then tweak to my liking, before eventually settling on a finished product. I’ve worked with the same guys ever since my move to Europe, MDM Designs.

“I always start with the flag because I want to rep the US, and then everything around the flag has evolved since then. I think it’s important to represent my country because there are not too many of us from America in this Championship.

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“I love the matte black on the side of the helmet, and then I try and use a bunch of bright colours to really make it pop, like the fluorescent yellow and the bright orange, which was new this season. I added my logo back in 2016 as well when I moved into single-seaters.

“I’ve got a new one in the making, which I will keep a secret for now, but you will hopefully see that next season.”