Igor Fraga finished in the top ten in every session bar one at post-season testing in Jerez, though the Brazilian was more focused on learning and adapting to his new environment with 2020 race winners Hitech Grand Prix, than the scores on the board.

The Red Bull junior did top the final session of the second day in Jerez though and praised the work of the British team, with whom he’s spent the entirety of testing with.

“Fortunately, I did quite good on the afternoon of the second day,” he said. “We put the new tyres on right at the beginning of the session, so that we could focus on the race simulation afterwards.

“It turned out to be quite good overall and, in the end, we managed to complete two race sims, which was very good for my learning and experience.

“Hitech have been very helpful, giving me the right data, the correct guidance and the advice I need to help me improve on the driving side. There are still a few things to improve on, but it was definitely a good experience.”

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Though Fraga is yet to pen a deal for the new campaign, the early signs of a potential partnership with Hitech look promising, if that is the route he chooses.

Spending his rookie campaign with Charouz Racing System, Fraga scored a highest finish of 10th and will be wanting to fight towards in the front in his second season, using the experience he gained in 2020.

“I think there is a lot that I can take from the past experiences that I have had,” he continued. “Being with Hitech, they are a good team and it has added a little bit more, so I will keep working hard and pushing as hard as I can to move forward.”