Arvid Lindblad is excited for the “big step” of competing in FIA Formula 3 this season. Joining PREMA Racing for his rookie campaign, the British driver is keen to get going as he talked through his adaptation process and goals for the year ahead.

Speaking ahead of pre-season testing in Bahrain earlier in the month, the 16-year-old expressed his excitement at the opportunities that lie ahead of him this year in F3, which include racing on the Formula 1 race weekends.

However, that enthusiasm is tempered by his knowledge that there is plenty of work to do before lights out at Sakhir, as he looks to adapt as quickly as possible to his new surroundings.

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“It's very different,” said Lindblad of making the jump to Formula 3. “The whole system, the whole format compared to what I am used to in F4 is completely different. A lot less laps, a lot less driving, I have to be on it a lot earlier, therefore there is a lot more preparation.

“But just the whole vibe and how you got about the weekend is very different, so that is something I have to get used to.

“I got a bit of a taster for it in the post-season testing that we did, even there we weren't doing many push laps, so I got a feeling for it. But in testing and when we get to the races, I am going to get a proper feeling.”

Lindblad has been getting used to life behind the wheel of F3 machinery
Lindblad has been getting used to life behind the wheel of F3 machinery

He makes the move up to F3 with PREMA after a good 2023 season that saw him finish third in Italian F4 and fourth in the Euro 4 Championship. He also won the Macau Formula 4 race at the end of the year driving for the Italian outfit.

“I'm really happy to be making the step with PREMA,” said Lindblad. “We have really good history; it will now be our second year together but last year we did so much.

“We did Italian F4, Euro F4, Macau, and then also to be going into a team that is so competitive is good. I think they've won the Teams' Championship four out of the last five years, so I know I am in a really good position.

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“I know the engineers really well, there's so many new variables going into a new category but to have the team not being one is also a bonus.”

While the Red Bull Academy junior prepares for his first year, he will be sharing a garage with two drivers in Dino Beganovic and Gabriele Minì that are heading into their second seasons in the Championship.

“It's really positive to have two really experienced teammates,” said Lindblad. “It's obviously a bit of a different dynamic, both of them going into their second year, they are looking to fight for the Championship.

Lindblad is looking to adapt as quick as possible to the new tracks he will face this year
Lindblad is looking to adapt as quick as possible to the new tracks he will face this year

“Me, I'm more of an underdog, the goal is not to fight for the Championship, it's not the main target, so to have really experienced teammates I can learn a lot from is really good. We are all developing and to have that direct data, that direct reference is helpful and positive for me.

“Obviously, there are pros and cons to it having two really strong teammates means I have to perform well, or it looks quite bad. I'm not really thinking about it that way though, I am seeing it as a real opportunity with a lot to learn, so I'm excited going into the year.”

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Lindblad will also have plenty to learn when it comes to some of the circuits he will be racing at for the first time, such as Bahrain, Melbourne, and Monaco. He revealed that he has been hard at work back at the factory preparing for these tracks.

But he is hopeful that with his work in the sim he can adapt as quickly as possible. That should put him in good stead when it comes to achieving his goals for the year.

While he does not have a clear target position in his mind, Lindblad knows what he would like his 2024 season to look like at the end of the year.

Lindblad is hopeful of showing good progress throughout the year
Lindblad is hopeful of showing good progress throughout the year

“I don't really want to put a number on it,” he stated. “I want there to be progression, but I am not naive to the fact that the first few races will be quite difficult.

“Okay we have a test here in Bahrain which is beneficial but then Melbourne, Monaco, Imola, those tracks where I have less experience it will be challenging. But I am hoping to have progression throughout the year.

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“I'd say I think a good way to start the year is fighting in the Sprint races and then throughout the year getting more competitive in the Features, to be fighting poles, and podiums and wins.

“But to be honest I am not really thinking about it like that. Just focusing on having a good progression and we will see how we are.”