We went behind the visor with Fabio Scherer to discuss the design of his helmet and delve into the back story of where it all began.

“The main part of my helmet is at the bottom where you can see a mountain range. These are from where I grew up and live and are always motivational for me. The mountains are in Engelberg, Switzerland and the mountain is called the Titlis, which is part of the Uri Alps mountain range. It is really good motivation for me and in the past I have taken part in ski races on the mountains, so it is a big part of me for sure.

“Every day when you wake up in Switzerland, you can see the mountains, so you feel like you can’t be without them, which pushes me. You can refuel the tank there quite well because it is normally quite quiet and it is a really nice atmosphere for training. For me, it is one of the best areas to be when I am training.

“On the side, I have my logo on there and on the top, the Swiss flag, because I am very patriotic. Then, on the back of the helmet I have a tiger. This is because the tiger is an aggressive animal. He is waiting until his time is coming and then he is attacking, so actually, it is a good metaphor for racing.

“In certain points, I think that I can be a bit of an aggressive driver and I think that you need to be, especially with 30 cars. But, it is always important to think about what you are doing and be careful. I also have 13 stars on my helmet, because 13 is my favourite number.

“For my logo, we took my initials, F and S, and the team worked out how we could combine them and I think that it worked out quite well - I think it looks decent.

“I wanted to have a helmet that you see quite well, so I have used a lot of glitter and in the sunshine you can see it quite well, and it stands out.

“I am looking into a new design. Most of the parts will look similar, but it will probably be a bit more aggressive. I think that it will more or less be in the same shape.”