Thoughts from Schumacher, Vesti and Hauger

FIA Formula 3: Congratulations to the top three finishers for Race 2 of the FIA Formula 3 Championship here at the Red Bull Ring. Finishing in third place, Dennis Hauger for PREMA, in second place Frederik Vesti for ART Grand Prix and taking his first win in Formula 3, our winner David Schumacher for Trident. David, what a tremendous race by you, your first win in Formula 3, how good does this feel?

David Schumacher: It feels amazing, the pressure relief after this race is just enormous. The first two race weekends were running really bad, also the first race of today was not really strong. Now to finally get a podium and even a win, just feels amazing.

FIA Formula 3: You controlled the race perfectly, any dramas at all?

Schumacher: Not really from my side, maybe one or two rear lockups but that's it. Otherwise, I had free space. I got a bit nervous on the safety car restart but otherwise I felt comfortable in front, the car was super good so thanks to the team. The pace was pretty good throughout the whole race.

FIA Formula 3: You say you got a little bit nervous before the safety car restart, but it looked like you nailed it?

Schumacher: I saw that as well; I think I pulled off where Roman Stanek didn't expect it, so I made a good gap between me and him again. Then he got pressure from behind, so I could pull away quite nicely.

FIA Formula 3: Now in Race 1 a lot of drivers struggled with tyre life, how was it for you this evening?

Schumacher: I didn't really have any tyre issues; the lap times were pretty steady throughout the whole race for myself. I didn't really feel any oversteer, so I was pretty happy with it.

FIA Formula 3: Now David, racing is the Schumacher family business, isn't it? What did your father say to you in Parc Fermé?

Schumacher: We didn't have much time to speak, but the first thing he said was 'congrats' and he seemed pretty happy so it was a nice feeling.

FIA Formula 3: It's been quite a busy day for the stewards of Formula 3, you started the race from pole having finished in P17 this morning. Can you talk us through the journey of how it went from ending Race 1 there and starting on Pole?

Schumacher: To be honest after Race 1 I was not really looking forward to the next race. Of course, it would have been a lot of fun to get to the front, but all of a sudden like half an hour before the race my team manager Giacomo came to me and said 'David, you're starting from pole!'. I just looked at him with big eyes and said, 'How is that possible?'. He just told me that so many cars got penalties, I was a bit confused to be honest and I didn't believe him, so he gave me the paper from the grid, and I was starting P1. I was like 'Ok, that makes it a bit more easy to get to the front!'. It was a pretty fun moment.

FIA Formula 3: Well done David. Fred coming to you now, it was a very busy race for you from P6 on the grid. How pleased are with you with P2 after what was a very tough first race this morning.

Frederik Vesti: I'm very pleased, for myself, for the team, we've worked really hard to come back to P2 after Race 1 today stalling. It's something that really can't happen, and it did which is a shame, but we fought back really well and this gives us a lot of confidence for tomorrow.

FIA Formula 3: You showed good pace throughout the race but can you talk specifically about that move on Roman Stanek towards the end, it looked masterful?

Vesti: He was defending quite aggressively, so I couldn't really send it up the inside. It would be a huge risk. So, I decided to try the cut back out of Turn 3, it doesn't usually work but I got a really good drive and that meant I could use all of the traction and overtake him on the exit. I got past and I was really pleased with that.

FIA Formula 3: Fred let's throw it forward to tomorrow, you're starting P2 for Race 3. What's the plan to get ahead of Dennis?

Vesti: Well today we gained a lot of experience, we were overtaking a lot of cars and also driving in a bit of clean air, so we've got a lot of data to look at for tomorrow to prepare as best as possible. Then it's just racing, doing the best possible and going for it. I'm super excited for that!

FIA Formula 3: Good luck with that, thank you Fred. Dennis coming to you, you've overtaken a lot of cars today. At one point you were down in P14, can you just talk us through it?

Dennis Hauger: I didn't really have the best start, I dropped down a bit to P14 as you said. From there on I was a bit stuck to be honest. I didn't really have the pace I had in Race 1, but after a while started to gain some rhythm and a lot of cars ahead were fighting. I sort of got in the pack and played it a bit smart there. In the end, I just took it car by car and I am so happy to be on the podium again of course. It's a good feeling for tomorrow's race.

FIA Formula 3: Well it was a great result, what was the best overtake you made today?

Hauger: I have to think! The last one was not too bad on Stanek around Turn 4, but there’s been a few today so it's not easy to remember at the moment.

FIA Formula 3: You're starting from pole for tomorrow's race, I guess you're hoping for a much quieter race?

Hauger: Well, I hope so, but I doubt it! It's not easy to be in front here. Schumacher got a gap in beginning and I think that's the key, so we'll see how it goes. You never know around here, there's always something happening.

FIA Formula 3: Well done Dennis!